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The variety of pro-inflammatory and immunomodulatory-immunosuppressive features of are still only beginning to be understood and have significant consequences for the success of any treatments.  Whilst antibiotic treatment appears appropriate for acute and early stage Lyme disease, later manifestations may require immunosuppresive treatment to combat autoimmune-related Lyme disease pathology. The Food and Drug Administration was concerned, and so were very senior physicians working in infectious disease, cancer, everyday emergency medicine and even veterinary care.
So it wasn’t much noticed that back in March, the American Academy of Pediatrics warned of an FDA alert over an apparent shortage of doxycycline, an old and inexpensive drug that is used mostly for uncomplicated infections such as sexually transmitted diseases and acne.

See the slideshow below for up-to-date research on Borreliosis and check out the resources to your left for thorough, evidence-based answers to your questions and concerns about Lyme disease. It is also used, though, as the first treatment for a new case of Lyme disease — and that, more than anything, has sparked alarm.

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