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The Cleveland Clinic launches the first Chinese Herbal Therapy Clinic in a hospital setting in the U.S. Not long ago, availing yourself of Chinese herbal medicine meant finding a practitioner who likely practiced the arts of acupuncture, moxibustion and herbal therapy out of a storefront. Jamie Starkey has been the lead acupuncturist at the Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine for several years. Another thing helped—the Ohio legislature had passed a law that would allow Chinese herbal medicine to be practiced, under certain restrictions, in the state (13 states in the U.S. The other concern was finding a source from which to buy herbs of a consistent blend and quality, and clear of any contaminants.
Under Clinic supervision, Yoder weaned herself off the shots and pills, and began taking an herbal blend daily in the form of a capsule. Before prescribing an herbal treatment, a practitioner examines the patient’s skin, hair, tongue, eyes and pulse to determine the body’s imbalances.
But one issue—even in China—has been herbs that were contaminated with toxins, including heavy metals.

Chinese herbs have been used in the East for millennia, but sourcing them in the West can be a challenge.  Some formulations may contain pesticides, bleach and other residues. About Latest Posts Evelyn TheissEvelyn Theiss is a print and online reporter who has covered everything from national politics to fashion in her journalism career. Western doctors have been wary not only of its effectiveness, but also had major concerns about the quality, consistency, sourcing and the quantity of the herbs used. Unlike Western medicine, where a prescription often is designed to knock out symptoms, Chinese herbal medicine deals with the whole patient and his or her “constitution” and its imbalances.
Moreover, in some cases, the herbs themselves were toxic if they were prescribed incorrectly, or if there wasn’t follow-up for the patient. The herbal treatment becomes part of the patient’s medical record—so any problematic interaction with other medicines is avoided. Jou Herbs (“Jou” means “mantra”) is a range of 12 Chinese herbal remedies for conditions ranging from digestive health to menopause and the herbs are certified organic by USDA.
Acupuncture, for one, is now offered by a number of medical centers around the country as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The alternative treatment landscape is changing, though, as the Cleveland Clinic has recently opened a Chinese Herbal Therapy Clinic. Before that, it would have been illegal in Ohio for any doctor to prescribe this herbal treatment.
Crane compounds its herbs in either standardized amounts, or in custom blends prescribed by the practitioner. Tanya Edwards, the previous medical director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine, was not going to be easy. Still, Starkey had met Clinic patients who went out of state to buy the herbs and took them, which sometimes caused complications in their traditional medical treatments.
Traditionally, the herbs are taken in the form of teas, powders, pills, tinctures or syrups.

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