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This session begins with an intuitive reading then followed by a integrated healing session. Intuitive HealingHealing comes in many forms and each person has unique needs, whether it is diet and nutritional counseling, detoxification, biofeedback through muscle testing or Intuitive Healing. I attended healing seminars and had private sessions that processed me on my conception, birth and family patterning. The level of success you experience and the results you derive from Intuitive Healing will depend strictly on you and your commitment to using the tools I will provide to you.

It depends on how committed you are to your own process and your own healing, and how willing you are to release negativity. I then enter the Theta brainwave state, connecting to The Creator of all that is and facilitate the healing process by pulling incorrect, limiting beliefs and replacing them with healthy new ones. This will be done intuitively by Deb connecting with Creator of all that is, along with a process called "digging". Many issues can be addressed in three sessions, however the awareness of other blocks and limiting beliefs may reveal themselves as healing begins.To get ready for a ThetaHealing Session it’s helpful to drink plenty of water before the session to make sure that you are well hydrated, as this will assist you with Muscle Testing.

The possibilities are endless!For more information please visit the Official ThetaHealing Site.I feel that healing is a process.
When we open the door to healing we often notice more quickly when we are out of balance.I offer a healing package so my clients feel comfortable during this process.

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