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As she brought more nutrition counseling into her practice, she began studying integrative medicine, which looks at the whole person when considering the issues under discussion. She is now board-certified by the American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and enjoying taking a more broad-based approach to client's issues.
The preventive focus of Integrative Holistic Medicine involves looking at the foundation of health and wellness, including nutrition, nutrigenomics, toxicity, and hormonal balance.
Integrative and Holistic Medicine is centered around the physician-client relationship, with a focus on the whole person and healing at every level, including the spiritual, physical, and emotional domains of life.

An integrative physician may refer someone for acupuncture, massage, recommend Tai Chi or Yoga, give someone an exercise prescription, prescribe herbs or supplements, or use other modalities not ordinarily considered by conventional physicians. Recommendations or referrals may also be made for counseling, support groups, or other avenues recommended to assist the individual in relieving stress, providing emotional support or assisting their journey in some other way.
Integrative Medicine is a relatively new discipline, born from a realization that despite the most sophisticated and technologically advanced medicine in the world, the health and wellbeing of Americans is declining rapidly. Fort Wayne doctor's unique practice takes holistic approach - Washington TimesJavaScript is required for full functionality on this website, but scripting is currently disabled.

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