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There are two vaccines currently available to protect against HPV infection, Gardasil and Cervarix. When a sample is taken for the Pap test, both DNA or HPV test can be performed at the same time. Women aged 30 and above are encouraged to have the Pap test along with the HPV test, since this age group has a potentially high risk of developing cervical cancer. Medical experts, however, emphasized that, females regardless of age, are recommended to have an HPV test if their Pap results are unclear. In regards to new HPV vaccines, they don’t give full protection against many dangerous sub-types of cancers, since only two cancer-causing types of HPV are known to be prevented via vaccines.
You can contract HPV even if you wear a condom because it does not cover the entire genital skin.
Worldwide, over 270,000 females die of cervical cancer each year, with up to 80% of them from contact with HPV (Human Papillomavirus) in their lifetime. Since the digene HPV test is the only US FDA-approved test it has been extensively validated worldwide besides accurately identifying cervical abnormalities as compared to Pap test. You cannot get an HPV infection by touching an object like a toilet seat.  The risk of contracting HPV increases with the number of sexual partners.

It is important that every woman who is sexually active and over the age of 21 get routine pap tests every two to three years to determine whether there are any pre-cancerous or cancerous cells on the cervix.
The vaccine works best in individuals prior to becoming sexually active because it can prevent HPV infection, thus also preventing the chance of HPV-related cancers.
Meanwhile, cervical cancer has been regarded as the second most prevalent cancer in women, and is always caused by the persistent infection of the cervix with HPV virus from vaginal, anal and oral sex with a partner who already has HPV. Even though Pap test has been used over decades to screen for HPV, the test is not always reliable. Furthermore, the digene HPV test uses advanced molecular technology and thereby significantly detecting HPV types which cause almost all types of cervical cancers. The reason is that HPV infections can persist for months and even for years to cause problems in your coming life.
Moreover, up to now, there is no concrete evidence that shows vaccines protects women who are already infected with HPV. Many people are under the false impression that HPV is an infection that affects only women.
However, studies have shown that the vaccine can also be beneficial in individuals who have already become sexually active and in those who may have already have had exposure to HPV.

In the latest clinically proven experimentations, the digene HPV was documented to accurately detect 13 high-risk HPV types that were culprits for nearly 100 percent of cervical cancers. Doctors advise to have Pap tests along with an HPV test on a regular basis so that cervical cancer can effectively be prevented. In women and men, HPV infection can cause genital warts, anal cancer, and in rare cases, cancers of the head and neck.
The HPV vaccine is also very effective in reducing the risk of genital warts in both males and females.
Therefore, this Pap test does not specifically detect the presence of HPV types that cause cervical cancer. In this case, HPV DNA testing is seen to be the most effective method used to improve the accuracy of cancer screening. To determine whether there is any future risk of developing cervical cancer, the combination of both HPV and Pap test is the right choice in determining any cervical abnormalities.

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