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Antiviral medications for genital herpes can reduce outbreaks and help speed recovery when an outbreak does happen. From following a diet low in arginine to eating anti-herpes foods such as red marine algae and lettuce, the scope of natural remedies for fever blister outbreaks is wide and varied.
Supplements: You can reduce the frequency and severity of oral herpes attacks by taking L-lysine as a daily supplement (500-1, 000 milligrams a day on an empty stomach).
L-lysine supplement may help reduce the healing time for cold sores as well as prevent future outbreaks. The fact is, natural remedies offer many more options to effectively relieve the discomfort and to prevent future herpes outbreaks.
Below is a list of common natural remedies used to treat or reduce the symptoms of Herpes simplex virus (HSV).
CONTROLLING HERPES NATURALLY: A Holistic Approach to Prevention and Treatment is a supportive, easy-to-use guide to help people with herpes take control of their health. Thus, many afflicted individuals look to lifestyle, nutrition and supplementation practices to further reduce the number and severity of herpes outbreaks.

Whether or not you take drugs to suppress future outbreaks of HSV-1 (facial herpes) and HSV-2 (genital herpes) , to get outbreaks under control a strong immune system is necessary.
The herpes simplex virus that caused your first herpes outbreak remains in your body forever, reactivating often indiscriminately.
With some positive lifestyle and dietary changes and adding certain dietary supplements and herbs you can decrease the frequency, length, and severity of outbreaks.
They interfere with your immune system’s ability to fight outbreaks and new infections. Many natural applications may shorten a herpes attack: Homeopathic remedies can help the body overcome a herpes outbreak.
There are other dietary supplements that play a key role in controlling herpes as they support immune function.
When I take lysine supplements to stop an outbreak or to shorten the duration of an outbreak I take as much as 4 – 6 grams per hour. So, one of the best methods on how to treat herpes and combat the herpes virus is to get it out of its safe hiding place in the spinal ganglia where it attaches to the cell’s DNA and replicates, sending out new virus-ridden cells that cause outbreaks.

Many natural herpes treatments consist of immune-boosting, antiviral herbs and supplements, and have even been shown in studies to WORK! We intentionally neglected to list herbs as an option, because herbs have almost no effect on herpes, chickenpox, or shingles.
Lysine is a natural supplement that, if taken at a high enough dose, works to restrict the herpes virus’ food without posing any serious health risks or side effects. Lysine is one of the components of Dr John’s 3 Step Protocol to Fight Herpes, a useful guide to managing HSV-1 and HSV-2 symptoms.

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