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The latest scientific studies on a variety of approaches outside the usual purview of Western medicine are organized by the wellness method. Ayurveda: A system involving diet and lifestyle choices based on a traditional approach to health from India, Aryuveda is one of the oldest known natural medicine practices.
Traditional Chinese Medicine: From a tradition of Chinese philosophy, this approach uses herbs and many other methods for healing.
The site, a hub for research on alternative and complementary medicine, was launched by science and medical experts working with the Global Wellness Institute.

You can see for yourself how alternative medicine may potentially benefit you or limit symptoms of a disease or condition, and read the latest news reports. Highlighted studies include Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of diabetes, fibromyalgia, and behavioral problems. Research reports include some on reducing acute back pain, neck pain, and alternatives to surgery with chiropractic methods. Patients, too, will value access to evidence-based studies, when it is time for them to consider alternatives to traditional medical care.

The names have not always inspired trust in patients searching for help outside of conventional medicine. While scientific research supports exercise and a healthy diet to enhance health and prevent conditions like heart disease, sorting hype from hope for the non-drug, non-medical methods of staying well can often be difficult and confusing.

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