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Elbow dysplasia is a catchall term that describes inherited developmental abnormalities in a dog’s elbow joint. Symptoms of elbow dysplasia include lameness, abnormal gait, holding the elbows at odd angles, unwillingness to move around much or play, tiring easily, stiffness upon standing, and a worsening of the condition after exercise. The goal of treatment of elbow dysplasia is to relieve pain and maintain function in the affected limbs, allowing the dog to live an active, normal life. Ununited anconeal process describes a condition in which the bony protuberance within the elbow becomes detached from the ulna and causes joint irritation and degeneration. Certain breeds are predisposed to elbow dysplasia, including Golden and Labrador retrievers, English setters, English Springer spaniels, Rottweilers, German shepherds, the Burnese mountain dog, Chows, the Shar-Pei, and Newfies. However, if you plan to purchase a dog at high risk of elbow dysplasia from a breeder, I strongly suggest you insure your prospective pup's parents have been cleared for elbow dysplasia by OFA, which is the Orthopedic Foundation of America. Elbow dysplasia typically occurs in puppies between 4 and 10 months, but some dogs don't show any signs of the problem until they develop degenerative joint disease as adults. The problem usually affects both elbows, but sometimes it's unilateral, meaning it only occurs in one elbow. Dogs with elbow dysplasia are often lame or they have an abnormal gait (they 'paddle' or 'flip' their front feet when they walk).
Sometimes elbow dysplasia causes dogs to hold their elbows out or tightly into their bodies, and often a dog's feet will rotate outwards.

Dogs with elbow dysplasia tend to tire easily, and their owners may assume they're just lazy or quiet when really their elbows hurt. If your dog has dysplasia in both elbows, his lameness may shift from one leg to the other.
Diagnosis of elbow dysplasia is usually made by observing clinical signs, palpation of the joints, and taking X-rays of the elbow joint.
The goal of treatment of elbow dysplasia is to relieve pain and maintain function in the affected limbs.
It's very important for dogs with elbow dysplasia to stay at a very healthy, normal weight, and to get moderate exercise.
Anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed for elbow dysplasia patients, but I've had really good success using natural anti-inflammatory agents like esterified fatty acid complexi . If arthritis is present, injectable polysulfated glycosaminoglycans, which is a big fancy term for injectable substances such as Adequanii , can be of great benefit. I've had many dog patients diagnosed with elbow dysplasia that were managed very successfully without surgery, because their owners proactively addressed inflammation and joint degeneration as soon as the diagnosis was made. If owners can't provide adequate proactive care to dogs with elbow dysplasia – or if a dog's quality of life is deteriorating – UAP surgery has proven to be about 60 percent successful in returning dogs to normal function.
Dogs with mild to moderate joint abnormalities and minimal arthritis formation have the best prognosis overall.

It’s important if you’re planning to acquire a dog from a breeder that a high-risk puppy’s parents have been cleared for elbow dysplasia by OFA (the Orthopedic Foundation of America).
Treatment involves keeping the dog at a healthy weight, getting moderate exercise, rehab therapies (especially in water), natural anti-inflammatory agents, and sometimes, surgery.
Sometimes dogs with this condition will choose to spend much of their time sitting or lying down, and when they play it's usually not for long periods of time.
A dog with elbow problems will often resist any attempt by the veterinarian to manipulate the elbow. An ununited anconeal process is typically removed through a small incision made in the elbow.
He came to me for a second opinion, and fortunately, we've been able to keep Bubba 100 percent symptom-free using a combination of some of the alternative therapies mentioned above.

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