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Q My cat Tyler has already had one fibrosarcoma (a cancerous tumour) removed from her right shoulder blade and now it has come back. Holistic vet Holly Mash advises: I am glad to hear that Tyler is still playful and full of energy.
Homoeopathic treatment, as opposed to the herbal medicine detailed above, is another valid way of treating cancer and can be supportive in cases such as Tyler’s. Before my cat got cancer, I thought alternative treatments were only for the desperate, a last resort when all hope is lost. We’ve found that the world of alternative treatments is far more than a last resort when all hope is lost. As with all kinds of cancer, you want to choose a treatment, and get started ASAP.  But to make the best treatment decision, you need to weigh up all your options. Either way, you’ll need to design a treatment plan – an ongoing strategic approach which consistently supports your cat to heal from cancer. For example, there are three things I do every day that form the foundation for Moofy’s treatment plan.
I supplement these with other treatments such as light therapy and energy healing, but in my experience, the key is to find some core treatments you can commit to doing every day.
When you’re deep in panic mode, you want to believe all the promises you hear about “miracle” cat cancer cures. So when choosing alternative treatments for cat cancer, you want to make sure you read the fine print, search for testimonials, and find out about user experiences. Alternative treatments for cat cancer have opened up a whole new world of options for Moofy and me. We haven’t cured her (but neither could traditional medicine). Liz Hardy is the founder of the Meow Cancer Clinic, which offers accessible information on natural treatments for cat cancer. Her little cat Moofy has an aggressive tumor, and surgery is not an option. One word of warning: the sanitation regulations are more lax for human grade meat in supermarkets, as they assume it will be cooked. Carla, you raise some absolutely vital questions here, (and it’s interesting that there are so many parallels between the animal and human cancer causes and treatments). Sympathy Gift for Loss of CatGive a thoughtful boxed gift set to someone grieving the loss of their beloved feline.
Standard DisclaimerThe information provided here should not be a substitute for professional veterinary treatment.

Of course, I believe that any sort of treatment should be discussed with your veterinarian first.
Throughout the book, I do sense a bit of discontent with Liz's overall thoughts on traditional veterinary medicine and treatment methods for feline cancer as well as a repeated dismal opinion of dry cat foods. If you have a cat with cancer and are looking for some alternative treatment options, I think The Chemo-Free Cat is worth a read.
We received a copy of The Chemo-Free Cat at no charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. While searching for an holistic treatment on the Internet I came across Neoplasene, a drug used by Native Americans. You would need to consult a homoeopathically trained vet (VetMFHom) for them to be able to prescribe an individualized remedy — called a constitutional — for Tyler, which would act to regulate her immune system and help her to cope with the tumours. That’s exactly what I did when Moofy’s big lump turned out to be a fibrosarcoma – a fast-growing, aggressive kind of cancer.
This avenue has given us some viable treatment options, and practical ways of tackling cat cancer. Hardy’s PhD background, while not in veterinary science, did give her the wherewithal to face and sift through mountains of material on caring for cats with cancer. I found these skills came in really handy when I saw how much confusing information was out there on cat cancer!
I went through a period last year, of both cats getting severe, sudden, GI infections (overnight) that I blame on supermarket meat.
I have tried the raw diet, but find it harder to administer when I have my cat on 3 herbal treatments for her specific kind of cancer – the meds are hidden in her food. The advice here is general and the authors cannot be held responsible for unexpected reactions to suggestions contained herein. It's a book about natural treatment options for cats with cancer and her own journey of fighting feline cancer with her cat, Moofy. For some "cat guardians" as Liz likes to refer to cat parents, traditional veterinary medicine may not be the desired or right path.
The book also promotes a raw or home-cooked diet, although there is no mention of dietary supplements or actual recipes that will meet all requirements for a cat's needs. It supplies readers with good advice on shopping for supplemental products, talks about treatment methods you may have never heard of before, and if nothing else it's nice to be able to relate to someone facing a similar problem to yours. Her tumor’s still there, but she may be the only cancer patient in the world to scramble happily up the living room curtains every night! Now she and Moofy are on a mission to show other cat owners how to help their own furry little cancer patients to heal.

Ex: surgery may be appropriate for a critical care situation, but those drugs and that additional physical and emotional trauma also need addressing – and Conventional allopathic approaches do not usually give that any attention, even for a human patient! The vets have never supported the switch to raw, but could not deny the cats looked like completely different animals.
IF cancer is due in some cases to a virus – eating infected tissues is a death sentence. Though my kitty is in remission now, I wonder if a more holistic method would have worked, instead of putting him through all the suffering of the chemo. Whatever the reason behind this, The Chemo-Free Cat has some very interesting ideas for treating feline cancer with natural methods. The Chemo-Free Cat does express the importance of a natural diet to help fight feline cancer. As to whether you can import and use it for your cat — only a vet would be authorized to do this in this country.
Sign up at Meow Cancer Clinic for a free copy of  “Cat Cancer – Help!”…discover 5 ways to help your cat fight cancer, starting today. I’m really hoping to be able to help people move out of despair and into gentle, effective action for their furry cancer patients. She's compiled her research and experience with the fight against feline cancer in her book. At that time, I was mostly oblivious to many natural options that could help fight feline cancer. Not a concern for pet health, or respect for the customer – which I consider a gross breach of public trust.
Cancer feeds off the glucose in the body and the more glucose is there, the faster it grows.. Dry food more often than not causes high glucose levels in a cat, and most cats who are diagnosed diabetic are on dry food.. No matter which treatment path they choose, I think this offers a lot of great suggestions.
She successfully completed chemo treatment, but the day after Easter she went for dental surgery to remove an infected tooth that was most likely caused by the chemo. She ended up passing away during the surgery- the cancer may have been returning which could have made her heart weaker and not be able to handle the anesthesia.

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