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Spardha's Beauty Care will provide all these to suit your needs and give you peace of mind.
HOLISTIC BEAUTY is the face care treatment which from the eternal concept that is the Tree of Life, symbol of Mother Nature and her endless flow of energy.
With Holistic Beauty range RVB becomes promoter of a responsible and sustainable development that safeguards biodiversity in harvest locations, and preserves the wealth of economic and cultural heritage of the regions in which the plants are grown.

From everyday beauty tips to the philosophy of Eastern Medicine, understand the Holistic Vanity approach. The holistic approach takes the person as a whole into consideration, making no distinctions between physical disorders and those of an emotional and psychological nature.Blemishes are therefore explained as the superficial manifestation of a general organic imbalance.
With the new face care range Holistic Beauty, RVB aims to correct such imbalances caused by interruption in energy flows and thus restore the physical and psychological well being of the person as a whole.

The tree of life demonstrates how Holistic Beauty carries vital lymph to the skin, giving the skin a natural, harmonious look.

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