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British scientists researching a possible cure for HIV have made an incredible breakthrough, using a ground-breaking new approach that’s now set to go into its human-trial phase next year.
Scientists have been trying to find an effective HIV cure for decades, though have to date been unable to contend with the way in which dormant HIV remains hidden in blood cells and cannot be detected.
According to the team behind the new study, a future could come about by combining the ART used already with a new drug that activates the HIV lying dormant within the blood, along with a vaccine that see infected cells destroyed by forcing a reaction from the immune system.

Such is the optimism of the researchers that clinical human trials of the treatment will begin next year – 50 individuals with less-developed HIV infection will be treated.
As such, the antiretroviral therapy, or ART, offered to tens of millions of HIV patients the world over is extremely capable of preventing the spread of HIV, but cannot cure the condition outright.

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