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Miraculous: Dr Hannah Gay, a paediatric HIV specialist at the University of Mississippi, treated the two-year-old girl who is now 'cured' of the virusExperts are now raising doubts about the 'cure' for HIV that was announced last Sunday. Infectious Diseases at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, told ABC that though the baby is off HIV medicine now, there is no guarantee that the symptoms won't come back. So far, the technique has only been successful on human cells in a laboratory, but 15 patients with HIV are currently participating in trials funded by $2 million from the Danish Research Council.

PIONEERING doctors have successfully treated a terminally ill six-year-old’s cancer by injecting her with HIV.
Doctors said they made the landmark breakthrough in the treatment of HIV after they sent the virus into remission in a baby in Mississippi.  The girl had been infected by her mother who was diagnosed as HIV positive during labor.

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