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What I hope to make clear through the development of this blog is that a safe and effective HSV-2 vaccine lies within our grasp, but what we lack is a critical mass of support to advance such a HSV-2 vaccine to human clinical trials.  The primary barriers to the advancement of an effective HSV-2 vaccine are (1) misinformation and (2) a pre-conceived notion that live-attenuated HSV-2 vaccines should not be investigated or considered for use as a human vaccine. If you get some time , Can you please update with the current progress on the vaccine trials & how your company is progressing for it as you mentioned in previous posts. I am not in touch with the folks at Albert Einstein, so I do not have any news on the status of their HSV-2 vaccine with regards to progressing through the clinical trials pipeline. I read about the purpose of the theraputic vaccine and I am so emotionally devistated by the disease that less frequent outbreaks is nice, but not what I was hoping for. As a herpes sufferer, it is very upsetting to conclude that scientists and funding organisations aren't pushing hard for a vaccine that is more realistic to achieve such as live attenuated ones.
Unfortunately, the majority of anecdotal evidence I have heard about the VZV vaccine’s effects on genital herpes outbreaks is more in line with the story you relay. There are two strains of herpes simplex virus, the first strain of HSV-1 is commonly referred to as cold sores or mouth sores; the second strain of herpes HSV-2 causes painful genital sores and the only available treatment is daily doses of antiviral drugs that can reduce but not eliminate outbreaks. The WHO estimates of infection rates have been shocking for many as it is far larger than first thought and makes the need to deliver a therapeutic vaccine that can not only prevent HSV-2, but also treat people who may already be infected all the more important.
Admedus is working with Australian of the Year, Professor Ian Frazer, to harness his next-generation DNA vaccine technology in an effort to create a therapeutic vaccine for HSV-2. Admedus’ HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine is designed to enable, boost and support the body to fight against the disease. The HSV-2 therapeutic vaccine is now in a Phase II study and the primary endpoint of the study is the safety of the vaccine in people with the virus, and Admedus will be looking at additional endpoints such as reduction of symptoms and viral flares, which are related to HSV-2 lesion outbreaks, after vaccination. The clinical study design has an initial screening, after which study participants have a 45 day baseline observation period on trial entry before receiving the first of their three therapeutic vaccine injections.

The blog’s role is to serve as an opportunity to keep our stakeholders informed and to provide an insight into the latest Admedus developments, milestones, research, people, technologies and industry news.
During the coming months, we invite you to explore the work we do at Admedus via our website, the blog, our social media channels or in person at global medical meetings and investor roadshows.
Yesterday we conducted our second annual influenza vaccination clinic here at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.
The herpes zoster vaccine commercially available in the United States (Zostavax, Merck, generic zoster vaccine live) is 51% effective at preventing shingles in adults ages 60 and older, but it is less effective for older adults.
At its annual meeting in Chicago, the American Medical Association adopted a policy on June 8 to support the end of non-medical exemptions to school vaccination requirements.
In late 2014, the US Food and Drug Administration approved a 9-valent human papillomavirus vaccine.
If the vaccine works, those pieces would be worth more money, and more people would want to buy them. If the name Ian Frazer sounds familiar, it’s probably because his originating work lead to the marketed vaccine Gardasil, which is used to prevent HPV infections and the associated cervical cancers in 120 countries protecting millions of young people.
Therapeutic vaccines are aiming to treat disease rather a preventative vaccine, meaning it can be used in people who already have the disease, not just as a preventative measure, which is traditionally how vaccines are used.
The Admedus blog makes up an essential element of this foundation, supporting and augmenting the website as the primary anchor for information. Featured on this blog will be posts about many aspects of the business, including our Regenerative Medicine and Immunotherapy programmes as well as our lead regenerative tissue product CardioCel and its applications in treating congenital heart defects and reconstructing heart valves. By offering the clinic here, during work hours, and for free, we are hoping to reduce as many barriers to vaccination as possible, such as the trip to the doctor or the pharmacy, needing one's insurance card, inertia.

This policy aligns with legislative efforts in many states to end personal belief exemptions that allow parents to cite a strong conviction as a reason to lawfully exempt their children from mandatory vaccinations required for school entry. Vaccine maker GSK hoped to produce a vaccine that worked better for older adults and that could be used by people with immunosuppressive conditions. These questions framed the discussion we had last week here at The College of Physicians of Philadelphia on pending legislation in Pennsylvania to eliminate personal belief exemptions to school vaccination requirements. After 6 years of positive results for anti-VZV vaccine, this is a logical and fair hypothesis. We partnered with a local RiteAid pharmacy to give the vaccine, and to provide an incentive, we gave a $10 Trader Joe's gift card to anyone who got the vaccine. The first year I began tracking uptake of influenza vaccine here (2012) only 43% of full-time staff took the vaccine. In 2013, I conducted a brief influenza vaccination awareness campaign and about 70% staffers took the vaccine.
Last year, after offering the vaccine here in the building, we were up to 86%, or 38 of 44, vaccinated staffers, including those who’d been vaccinated elsewhere.

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