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Herpes simplex virus 1 and 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) are two strains of the Herpes virus family, Herpesviridae, which cause infections in humans. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. A cold sore (sometimes referred to as a fever blister, see below) is a type of skin lesion caused by the herpes virus that either forms on a person's lips, or else on their face in the area immediately surrounding their mouth. The causative agent of these sores (not to be confused with factors that trigger actual outbreaks) is the herpes simplex virus. Cold sores are not a sign of a recently acquired herpes simplex infection but instead a reactivation of virus particles (virions) already living inside your body. A person's initial oral herpes infection, termed "primary herpetic stomatitis," does not usually take the form of a cold sore (see below). As mentioned above, it's been estimated that roughly 80% of the general population has herpes simplex virus (HSV1) antibodies in their blood.
Overview Her-pees (virus) Herpes infections are caused by a virus known as Herpes Simplex.
In Australia, Type 2 Herpes is the most common cause of ulceration (open sores) in the genital area.
Once Herpes is in your body, it’s possible for Herpes outbreaks to reappear again and again. IMPORTANT NOTE: Herpes Type 1 can be transmitted to the genitals through direct skin to skin contact, so avoid oral sex if you, or your partner, have a cold sore.
A person can become quite unwell during the first episode of Type 2 Herpes infection, because the virus is brand new to your immune system, meaning it has not had time to develop protective antibodies.

Prevent getting herpes - hello mr condomCondoms and dams reduce the risk of catching Herpes and reduce the risk of giving Herpes to your partner. Careful sexual foreplay and the use of clean, condom covered sex toys can be good alternatives to sex during Herpes outbreaks. Because signs and symptoms are often not present during the first infection of herpes, diagnosis by your doctor or sexual health nurse may take time and will usually involve swab tests of the area infected. The antiviral medication is given to reduce the impact and severity of symptoms, reduce the risk of complications and reduce your chances of passing Herpes on to sexual partners.
Despite it being a very common infection, there is a lot of incorrect information and social stigma surrounding Herpes.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that most Herpes websites are sponsored by drug companies promoting their Herpes medication. A sore forms when herpes virions, which have been lying dormant ("asleep"), become active again.
And for this reason, a person may not relate their initial exposure to herpes with the recurrent lip and facial sores they get later on.
It’s currently estimated that 85% of the general population carry Herpes type1 by the time they are 25.
In fact 20%, or 1 in 5, of sexually active people will have evidence of antibodies to type 2 Herpes Virus, meaning they have, at some stage, been exposed to the virus. This is more likely to happen if the mother has an outbreak of Herpes at the time of birth or has had a recent infection. This happens when the blisters become infected with bacteria, needing specific treatment from the doctor, like antibiotics, as well as anti- Herpes medication.

Plus your doctor may recommend antiviral medication, taken daily, to help reduce transmission of herpes to a sexual partner. There is, however, medication that can reduce the severity, regularity and duration of outbreaks meaning Herpes can be well managed. Although, over time, most people learn to adjust to having Herpes, getting counseling can be a useful way to deal with any worry, stress or anxiety you might have about it. In terms of STIs, however, Herpes infection of the genital area is generally caused by Type 2 Herpes Virus. So if you’re pregnant and you or your partner has Herpes, be sure to let your doctor know to help prevent passing the infection on.
It’s recommended that during episodes of herpes outbreaks, when blisters are present, a person should avoid having sex with their partner(s) to prevent transmission. Sometimes the doctor will decide that it’s likely to be Herpes and give treatment despite a negative result. For many people, outbreaks can be triggered by stress, not eating well or just being a bit rundown and sometimes stressing about Herpes in the first place may be a trigger so it’s important to try and get your head around it. If it turns out you do have Herpes, it’s important to discuss with your doctor, nurse or health care worker how you can tell your partner(s) about the infection and how to reduce the risk of giving it to others.

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