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Genital herpes is manageable; over the years, a number of treatments offering effective relief from symptoms of genital herpes and cold sores have been made available.
This test is less accurate than viral cultures, as it is difficult to ascertain which type of HSV infection is present.•    Tzanck smear is a common test for diagnosing herpes infection. So she has to take medication for nausea and acid reflex, for example, to take care of the side effects of albumin infusion. Most common side effects include headache, lightheadedness, or feelings of general illness. Results of the tests take up to 2 weeks, which is the only downside.•    Viral cell culture test is a specific virus culture assay of herpes virus.

The use of Choraphor can result in rapid healing of the infected area, smaller, less intense outbreaks, and partial or complete end to symptoms associated with the herpes simplex virus. If you have been diagnosed with a herpes infection, you could try all of these, but your doctor will most likely prescribe medication. However, the standard, effective and specific treatment for genital herpes is antiviral therapy, usually in tablet form. The problem is that viral cell culture tests will not work if the sores have healed.•    Immune response tests detect the body’s immune response to the herpes virus and are slightly less reliable than viral cultures. However, there are some side effects of this herpes treatment, such as sharp to moderate stinging pain on application.

Antiviral treatments can shorten the duration of a genital herpes outbreak and help speed healing.
As with all treatments, in rare cases an individual may be sensitive to some of the side effects. These medical drugs are synthetic, and your doctor should monitor their usage very strictly, because of their common side effects.

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