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I continue to receive many, many e-mails looking for an effective treatment for genital herpes. Also 1 gram of l lysine and 500mg vitamin C together with calcium citrate tablets will help a lot. It continues to amaze me (although I am not sure why) how much completely irrational and irresponsible information is available on the internet regarding people with herpes. Almost 80% of the patients who participated in the research found that taking a lysine supplement daily reduced outbreaks of cold sores and eased symptoms.

This essential amino acid has recently been discovered to play a role in the treatment of Herpes simplex infections – cold sores and genital herpes. Vaginal HerpesJust a quick post to let you know that vaginal herpes is not different from any other form of herpes.
Treatment of genital herpes was not as universally successful but did help a number of patients, though further research is needed. OK, so you are struggling with herpes outbreaks and you are frustrated and are not sure how or what to do next.

While I have posted before about the benefits of lysine, I would like to do so again because I really cannot stress enough what an effective treatment for herpes this amazing amino acid is.

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