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Even medically there is no cure for herpes and any treatment administered only eases the symptoms.
Tea tree oil is very good for dealing with any type of skin rash and also the herpes sores.
Glycyrrhizic acid present in the Licorice roots is very effective in the deactivation of the herpes virus. Choose lighter fabrics like cotton for your undergarment rather than nylon or any other synthetic material. Ensure that these are loose and do not fit very tightly as they will then prevent chaffing, increase comfort and accelerate the healing of the sores caused by herpes.

Hence, natural treatment options available are preferred than the clinical ones for the treatment of herpes as they are cost effective and safe. When baking soda is applied to skin affected by herpes it relieves the itching and further helps to dry out the sores. Various other essential oils also have healing properties such as peppermint oil and lavender oil. Oral and genital herpes are more common occurring and genital herpes is more importantly embarrassment as it is a sexually transmitted disease.

Taking up a healthy hobby like ti chi or yoga or playing a game like tennis or squash will help immensely.

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