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Last month, we reported that a methamphetamine analog was found in supplements sold at popular vitamin stores like GNC and Natural Health Shoppe. Americans spend an estimated $5 billion on herbal supplements and they are all unregulated. The researchers used DNA barcoding to conduct a blind test of the authenticity for 44 popular herbal products representing 12 companies and 30 different species of herbs, and 50 leaf samples collected from 42 herbal species. The New York Times reports that two of the most common herbal supplements that Americans consume, St.
Among their findings were bottles of echinacea supplements, used by millions of Americans to prevent and treat colds, that contained ground up bitter weed, Parthenium hysterophorus, an invasive plant found in India and Australia that has been linked to rashes, nausea and flatulence. The study says that “most of the herbal products tested were of poor quality, including considerable product substitution, contamination and use of fillers.
Researchers suggest in the study that the herbal industry should embrace DNA barcoding for authenticating herbal products through testing of raw materials used in manufacturing products. HerbalGram, published by the American Botanical Council, ran a detailed article concerning the sales of individual supplements both in the mainstream market and natural channels.

These supplements are marketed for the prevention and management of many disease states and ailments. Their lab also assembled the first standard reference material herbal barcode library from 100 herbal species that were used to identify the unknown herbal products and leaf samples.
John’s wort, which studies have shown may treat mild depression, contained none of the medicinal herb. Interesting trends include a nearly 40% increase in turmeric root sales from 2011 to 2012 and garlic’s jump from the fourth to the second best selling Food, Drug and Mass Market (FDM) dietary supplement, with just over half the sales of the number one seller, cranberry. Currently, an estimated 75 percent of the world's population have used or are using some type of herbal supplement.In the United States, an estimated one in five adults has used at least one natural product in the past year. So this way, the next time you buy vitamin B supplements, you actually are getting vitamin B and not anabolic steroids.
Key findings include an 11% increase of natural product use by American adults in the last five years and that a doctor’s recommendation is the top reason supplement use is initiated. Examples of some of the most common herbal supplements sold in this country include echinacea, flaxseed, ginseng, ginkgo, saw palmetto, St John's wort, black cohosh, evening primrose, milk thistle and garlic.As the popularity of these supplements continues to increase, some people elect to use them in place of traditional medications.

Gingko biloba supplements, promoted as memory enhancers, were mixed with fillers and black walnut, a potentially deadly hazard for people with nut allergies.
The standards of safety and efficacy that traditional medications have to meet before gaining approval to be marketed do not apply to these types of supplements. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act has exempted manufacturers of herbal supplements from these regulations.Before Using a Herbal SupplementIf you are considering using an herbal supplement, you should be aware that many herbal supplements may interact with both prescription and nonprescription medications and can cause some very serious interactions and adverse effects. The herbal supplements feverfew, ginger and ginkgo can interact with some drugs used for breast cancer and a host of other medications. Patients taking blood thinners should also always consult their primary health care provider before using any of these supplements.
Since older individuals may have a greater incidence of having multiple medical conditions and are more likely to take multiple medications, it is imperative that they also consult with their primary health care provider before using any herbal supplements to avoid any possible interactions or contraindications.

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