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Although there is no known cure yet for genital herpes, there are many different treatment options available to help make life a lot easier both in terms of breakout reduction as well as prevention. We’re going to quickly explain some of the different options that are available and how they can help to reduce and prevent symptoms of genital herpes, plus you can take a look at our list of the most popular treatment methods available today. Today most products for genital herpes offer prevention capabilities to help stop the re-occurrence of breakouts, some better than others of course. There are also a number of prescription medications that are available, however we’re not huge advocates of prescription medication unless an outbreak does occur that is extremely out of control. It’s these antibodies that essentially prevent outbreaks from occurring by controlling the herpes virus within our central nervous system. One of the first things you’ll need to do is find a way of deactivating the virus as soon as it appears in the form of lesions and boils on our genitalia.

A lot people are mistaken by the belief that there are antibiotics available that can be used to kill the infection and help remove symptoms of genital herpes when they appear. The only real effective traditional medication that has shown to have some effect on symptoms is a compound called Acyclovir, commonly marketed as Zovirax.
The other option apart from traditional medication are natural ingredients that act as antivirals.
Let’s be clear here, there is no known cure for genital herpes so all we can do is work to reduce the frequency of outbreaks and if and when they do occur, treat them using a product that has had proven results in the past.
Using these as our guidelines, we were able to come up with a ranking system for all the most popular genital herpes treatments available on the market today.
Guys it’s our job to do the right thing by you and tell you that none of the above treatment methods is going to cure your genital herpes.

Probably the best examples of a naturally forming anti viral that may have an effect on symptoms of genital herpes is cupric sulphate pentahydrate(CSP), used in one of the treatment product – Dynamiclear. This ingredient, although further testing is needed, may be the best option when it comes to a natural treatment method for genital herpes and in the past, according to some users, has shown to have a positive effect on symptoms.
Out of all the prevention methods, this is certainly the safest and definitely worth a shot for anyone with genital herpes.

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