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This is a practical and experiential healing workshop to practice effective fun and healing energy work. We will begin by feeling, experiencing energy in our hands and allowing that energy to become familiar and easy to recognize. Creating an energy circle we will pass the energy in the circle to experience the group circle effect.

Lets put what we have learned so far into more healing energy work together, and if you have never tried healing work come along and play. Kristen Dalzen, is an Internationally known Reiki Master Teacher who is adept in training those interested in healing themselves or others. Then simply practice healing work with one another in a gentle focused, simply fun yet effective way.

We assist individuals in healing emotional and physical pain and offer classes designed to create a balanced, expansive, and vivacious life. Whether you are seeking respite from life’s challenges, optimal health, enhancing consciousness, or all the above and then some, we will help you arrive.

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