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By the time of the Han Dynasty, about 100 BC, China had become a major center of medical research and the home of some of the world's best doctors. During the T'ang Dynasty, in the 600s AD, a doctor named Sun Simiao wrote more medical books. Chinese doctors learned from Indian doctors about inoculation against smallpox, and by the 1500s AD, under the Ming Dynasty, Chinese doctors were inoculating many people to prevent smallpox from spreading.
Chinese medicine became full-fledged in the Sui-Tang Dynasties owing to the thriving economy and culture, the progress in science and technology , the frequent exchanges between China and foreign countries and the concern of the rulers for the medicine.
Practical Traditional Chinese MedicineThe book is reader-friendly, explaining profound concepts in simple terms.
In the long course of development of Chinese medicine emerged numerous famous doctors , many of whom wrote medical works . Bian Que , who lived in Qi State at the start of the Warring States period , learned with diligence and formally became apprentice to Master Chang Sang , an eminent doctor of the day . Hua Tuo , born in Qiao County (modern Bozhou of Anhui province) of Pei prefecture in the Eastern Han Dynasty . Among the many famous doctors in the Qing Dynasty .Wang Qingren was a creative medical practitioner . These doctors wrote the Neijing, a book about medicine, organizing and explaining all of their treatments.
They used many medicines made of different herbs and tree barks; though some of these were just guesses, other medicines worked well. Sun listed thousands of recipes for different medicines, and also discussed how doctors should behave. In this period , the dialectical treatment idea was established ; the clinical medicine progressed greatly .

The medical achievements of the past were summed up ; and the effective recipes and drugs of the contemporary doctors , folks and alien peoples were assimilated , so as to pave the way for further advance in theory and practice .
Going through historical tests and accumulation , the Chinese traditional medicine in this period was perfected , and matured practically and theoretically . Still he was an outstanding , courageous and creative medical practitioner in the history of Chinese medicine . By the 300s AD, Ge Hong was the first doctor in the world to write about a good medicine for malaria. This period saw the appearance of nearly200 medical works concerning internal medicine , surgery, orthopedics , obstetrics , gynecology ,pediatrics and first-aid.
A sound system was formed either for the general medicine or for the different branches , with more effective cures in comparison with other nations at the same period .
He used to travel around the different kingdoms and formulated a set of diagnostic methods (four procedures : observation , hearing , interrogation and pulse feeling) , making a great contribution to Chinese medicine .
Particularly , his treatment of blood stasis was a great contribution to medicine both theoretically and practically , and drew attention from doctors home and abroad . The officials who advocated Confucianism and filial devotion , considered medicine as an important means for fulfilling the filial duty . The febrile-disease school in medicine played a positive role in curing epidemic febrile diseases , diminishing death rate and preventing infection . As he was weak and sick in his youth , his family had to spent all the property to pay for doctors and medicines for him .Hence , he made up his mind to study medicine to cure sick people .
This not only raised the comprehensive proficiency in medicine , but also laid the cornerstone for the succeeding medical education . He was so studious that he was versed in medicine even when he was young , and patients flocked to him from near and far .

Doctors used a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicines, and exercises to restore your balance. His work was highly useful in internal medicine , and was studied by physicians in later generations . In the Zhao Kingdom someone attributed to him the name of Bian Que , a legendary famous doctor in the reign of the Yellow Emperor . He refused the recommendation by high officials , but decided to become a doctor to cure the diseases of the common people . He practised medicine in the present Anhui , Jiangsu , Shangdong , and Henan provinces , and was revered by the masses .
Another Han Dynasty doctor, Huo Tuo, apparently combined wine and hashish as anaesthesia for surgery, but the medical books Huo Tuo wrote have all been lost. He carried out surgical operations using a herb medicine as anesthetic , inspiring the later surgeons . When Cao Cao , the prime minister of the Eastern Han , suffered from acute headache , he summoned Hua Tuo , who treated him with an acupuncture needle and the pain ceased immediately . The first volume gave an account of his postmortem observations and corrected certain mistakes of the ancient doctors with regard to anatomy of viscera and physiological functions .
It accumulated the medical and pharmaceutical experiences up to the Eastern Han Dynasty,exercising a far-reaching influence on the study of medical herbs and recipes in the later generations . Many medical practitioners passed on their knowledge from generation to generation , a condition favorable for professionalism in medicine.

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