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MSc Herbal Medicine brings together professional practitioners of herbal medicine in the investigation and systematic appraisal of the knowledge base and clinical practice of herbal medicine. This Master’s course creatively and critically explores contemporary practice in the light of emerging conceptual frameworks and other influences on the current development of herbal medicine. This learning will be contextualised within the wider provision of integrated medicine in the local, national and global environments of the students.
The goal is for students and tutors to both interpret knowledge judiciously and to solve clinical problems in a creative way, and, in so doing, play our part in the development of an epistemology of herbal medicine.
This module aims to engage students in a critical evaluation of the concepts and evidence for the clinical practice of herbal medicine.
This postgraduate course has been awarded a number of accreditations, including: National Institute of Medical Herbalists in UK, National Herbalists Association of Australia, New Zealand Association of Herbalists, American Herbalists Guild and Canadian Council of Herbalist Associations.
We teach students how to create and modify safely their own herbal formulations according to Chinese Traditional Pulse, Face, Tongue and Eye diagnosis. We are one of the few courses in the UK still teaching individual herb knowledge based on Traditional Chinese diagnostic techniques.
As we do not use or advocate patent herbal remedies and prefer to teach individual herb knowledge and how to prescribe and formulate your own formulas tailor made to your clients specific requirements.
We welcome new students with a background in Anatomy and Physiology and also those who have previously studied patient formulas, western Herbalism or TCM theory who wish to upgrade their skills to be able to formulate in the Ancient safer and more effective way of the Traditional Chinese style Herbalist. Successful graduates will be awarded a Degree Level Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine and will be entitled to use the initials Dip HTCM after their names and will be accepted as a members of the Acupuncture Society. Pulse diagnosis explained based on Paul's 25 years experience with practical pulse taking sessions and explanations of how to translate pulse data into diagnoses and effective Herbal formulations. Each module will cover Herbs which are similar or used together in combination, you will study thier differences to understand the feature properties and synergies of each medicine and how this will assist in each particular treatment area. The Pulses Face Tongues and Eye diagnostics studied in each module will be relevant to the herbs chosen so as to focus attention on a particular syndrome. This course will cultivate a clear passage from the diagnostic signs seen the pulse tongue face and eye to the ability to formulate your own herbal prescriptions. We treat multiple symptoms and conditions often simultaneously so each herb within a formula will tackle with different problem that a patient is suffering. Students to be able to convert and assimulate TCM diagnostic signs with medical and patient information and be able to formulate practical useful and effective herbal treatment combinations.

Paul Robin has been teaching and practicing Traditional Chinese medicine for over 20 years. In 1994 Paul founded the College of Chinese Medicine and some years later founded the Acupuncture Society in order to establish Chinese style Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the UK. Paul specializes in Spinal, Traditional and Chinese Medical Style Deep Needling Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Diagnosis and complex Chinese Herbal formulations. He represents the Acupuncture Society in the Acupuncture Stakeholders Group which is working with leading members of the profession toward the future regulation of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine and preparing for the professions inclusion into the NHS.
Paul lectures at the College of Chinese Medicine and is also a specialist TCM consultant at the Clinic of the College of Chinese Medicine in Harley Street. The main course lasts two years and you are taught Acupuncture, TCM Diagnosis and Chinese Herbal Medicine. We are a practical training College, our courses are are Diplomas accredited by the Acupuncture Society and some are at degree level, On completion enable you to be able to practice acupuncture with a high level of professional expertise, competence and confidence. Many University degree courses are often philosophical, theoretical, academic, and generally not practical. University degree courses teach many acupuncture points, which in reality are not often used as they may be in over vulnerable anatomical locations or over embarrassing areas, some of these also may not work very well. Chinese herbal medicine has been recently taught in Universities to promote the use of patent remedies which are now restricted by EU law. As we use modern and direct methods of teaching and because both herbal medicines and acupuncture share the same TCM and western theory, we can train you to be a practitioner of both subjects in two years.
On a University degree course you may not have much experience with actually doing acupuncture, at our college you will be doing acupuncture in every lesson, even from your very first day. At our College students are trained how to construct an acupuncture and herbal formula from diagnosing the patient through the Pulse, Face, Tongue, eye , also using western concept and symptomology, they are trained in how to acupuncture the patient with the correct length needles inserted to the correct depth at the correct angle to achieve the desired healing result. Because we make up our Herbal Formulations ourselves and modify them according to our clients specific condition by making regular assesments of thier constitution and illness.
There will be a government consultation due in April 2012 leading to a White Paper anticipated between 2013 and 2014, if it goes through it is likely to require registration of Herbal Practitioners with the HPC, it's anticipated that this could greatly increase our acceptance within the orthodox medical community. This was due to the powers that be in orthodox western medicine not wanting to accept therapies which they consider non scientific. This course provides a practice-oriented education in herbal medicine, which includes both the theoretical and clinical development necessary for working with patients, and the preparation and dispensing of remedies. The Foundation year is available for applicants who do not meet the entry requirements for the courses offered in complementary medicines.

The course is fully accredited by the European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association and you will be able to apply for membership of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists or the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy once you have successfully completed Year 3.
Our EASTmedicine summer school, every year, offers two weeks of research-based and clinically oriented seminars and practical workshops by leading academics and experienced clinicians in the field of Chinese and East Asian medicines.
The popular introductory Herbal Correspondence Course is now run from our herb farm on the Isle of Arran and is an excellent intro if you are interested in treating yourself or your family and also for aspiring herbal students who can use it as an access course for University entrance and to see if the profession is for them. This site remains an archive for the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine which was founded in 1992 by Medical Herbalists Maureen and Keith Robertson F.NIMH.
A broad approach will be taken to clarify the relationship between the concept of health and the benefits of herbal practice. So as the patients condition changes, for example; when one has a temperature, the herbs previously taken are rendered inappropriate, thus causing undesirable side effects or further exacerbating the patients condition. Herbal medicines are very popular with the public, but the pharmaceutical industry is interested in holding on to its market position and will use any means to discredit us, usually on the the basis of so called evidense based research which regards everthing that hasnt been researched as dubious when evidence based reseach is usually funded by an interested party and results cherry picked to put over a particulary point of view and support comercial interests untill contrary reseach is funded to dispute these so called facts. The emphasis is on the evaluation of the traditional knowledge base for prescribing and treatment strategies in Western herbal medicine. Paul was Dr Lees full time apprentice and assistant for 9 years during which time he conducted research and lectured at the Fook Sang courses held at Imperial College and was President of the Fook Sang Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Practitioners Association. Herbs which are non toxic, cheap, easy to obtain, legal, effective and in common use in clinical practice, moreover we focus to teach the students the abillity to formulate their own formulas tailor made to the patients according to TCM and western diagnosis.
Professor Volker Scheid gained a Wellcome Trust grant that aims to analyse the history of East Asian medicines throughout the last millenium by understanding the different modes of knowing and styles of practice that informed them. Students will also engage with current evidence on the effectiveness, efficacy, quality and safety of herbal medicines. Treatments made in this way are not subject to EU restrictions as they are made up by a qualified practitioner and not sold as a herbal product. Many of them now teach in Herbal institutions around the world and so the fine tradition of SSHM carries on.

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