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Contact with the saliva or urine of young children is a major cause of CMV infection among pregnant women, as well as among other children.
Valganciclovir is the only approved oral treatment and is as effective as IV ganciclovir for treating CMV retinitis. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, a CMV test can help you know how careful you must be to prevent CMV infection. If your doctor determines that you had a new CMV infection during the pregnancy, this does not mean that your unborn baby is infected. Babies born to pregnant women who get CMV during the pregnancy can have disabilities later in life, especially if the baby has symptoms at birth. For women who become infected with CMV for the first time during pregnancy, 1 out of 3 of them will pass the virus onto their unborn babies.

If the test is positive, it means you already have CMV and there's little chance that your unborn baby will be harmed by CMV -- unless the infection occurred in the few months before your pregnancy. Currently, there are no treatments for pregnant women whose unborn babies may be infected with CMV. Changing your habits around how you interact with others, especially with small children, may help women not infected with CMV who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant to prevent getting the virus and passing it onto the unborn baby. This contrasts with women who already have CMV before their pregnancy, because less than 1% of them pass CMV onto their unborn babies. If the test is negative, the best way to protect unborn babies from CMV is by using good hygiene before and during pregnancy.
The current drugs used to treat CMV have serious side effects and are not approved for use in pregnant women.

Therefore, if you're pregnant and do not have CMV at the start of your pregnancy, it's important to take measures to prevent CMV infection during your pregnancy. Scientists are also working to develop new medicines that may be more effective, cause fewer side effects, can be used in pregnant women, and are not as prone to resistance as the currently approved drugs.

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