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Cohen Medical Associates is working to improve healthcare by bringing new medications to market, and now conducts clinical research studies. Clinical research studies are carefully regulated trials funded by pharmaceutical companies.
Once you consign consent to participate in a clinical trial, Cohen Medical Associates will conduct a physical examination and a review of your medical history.
Volunteers receive investigational treatments supervised by qualified physicians and other research professionals.
Genocea Biosciences – Our lead candidate in HSV-2 is GEN-003, a first-in-class, protein subunit, therapeutic T cell vaccine designed to reduce the duration and severity of clinical symptoms associated with moderate-to-severe HSV-2, and to control transmission of the infection. This study is a double-blind, placebo-controlled dose escalation clinical trial enrolling approximately 150 volunteers with moderate-to-severe HSV-2 infection who are otherwise healthy. Unlike prior investigational vaccines for HSV-2, GEN-003 is designed as a protein subunit vaccine to induce balanced B and T cell immune responses, which may be critical for addressing infections not sufficiently controlled by the B cell, or antibody, arm of the immune system alone. There is currently no preventive vaccine or cure for HSV-2, and therapeutic options are limited to daily antiviral medications or suppressive therapy. I would definantly feel relieved and feel like I can life normally again if a cure is on its way. Once you understand the disease and how it effects YOUR body as an individual, you can relax self soothe and wait for the lumps and bumps to disappear.
After being hurt, I thought I would only be able to be with someone who had herpes as well. Just got diagnosed a day ago…I, definitely wouldnt mind trying to be a candidate for this. The Human Genome Project gave researchers the first genetic sequence, but Obama plans to give Americans their own.
A new analysis shows that psychedelic drugs are re-emerging in the medical world as potential therapies for mental health disorders, including anxiety and PTSD.
A biotechnology company in Australia is now recruiting participants to test a herpes vaccine aimed to both prevent and cure herpes simplex 2 infections. Coridon, a biotechnology company that started out of University of Queensland, has received approval to begin early-stage, Phase I human trials for its herpes simplex 2 (HSV-2) vaccine, which would be used as both a preventative vaccine and a therapeutic vaccine for those who already carry the virus. Herpes simplex 2, also known as genital herpes, is a viral infection that can infect skin cells of a certain area of the body, such as the mouth and genital area, resulting in periodic outbreaks.
The only treatments for herpes is Valtrex, which is a pill that is not completely covered by U.S.

Genital herpes affects more than one in six Americans between the ages of 14 and 49, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). A previous vaccine tested by GlaxoSmithKline flopped in late-stage clinical trials, wasting 20 years and $100 million's worth of research money.
Medical Daily is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
Coridon’s herpes vaccine program has shown very positive animal data in clearing the virus, with longer term follow up data showing continued persistence of the immune response. Results of the trial are due approximately in 1QCY14.Based on success to date, an effective vaccine for herpes looks to be within grasp, providing a grand prize for Allied Healthcare in potential revenue.
By volunteering in a clinical research study with Cohen Medical Associates, you aid in the development of new medical treatments that may improve or cure life-threatening and chronic diseases. During that waiting period the clinical research study data is reviewed, and the information determines whether a drug is safe and effective. You will also receive a detailed description of your specific clinical research study and what's expected. Mitchison, Studies on the treatment of tuberculosis undertaken by the British Medical Research Council Tuberculosis Units, 1946-1986, with relevant subsequent publications.
GEN-003 is an investigational vaccine designed to stimulate T cell and B cell immune responses to potentially reduce the frequency and severity of clinical outbreaks associated with moderate-to-severe Herpes Simplex Virus type 2 (HSV-2) infection.
If approved, GEN-003 would be the first therapeutic vaccine for patients with HSV-2 infection.
Yes it would be great if a cure was found but until then you just have to accept it and deal with it. We are both in a monogamous relationship, so if anything both of us being diagnosed was a HUGE support system for me. And to everyone who is depressed there is hope I have had this for 5 years my boyfriend of 3 years a accepted that there was a chance he may catch it but so far so good!
Yes it is very hard being so young and having this but the way I look at this everything happens for a reason I try not to think about it but its nearly impossible every time someone flirts with me I just wish they wouldn’t. We have seen very encouraging results from animal studies and we expect pivotal data showing that our vaccine, which incorporates our patented optimisation technology, to produce similar immune responses in the clinic," said Professor Frazer who founded Coridon in 2000 and is leading the study.
Phase I trials usually use doses of drugs or vaccines that are meant to test the safe dosing range and may confer protection to those who participate in the trial.
If someone doesn’t like you because you have Herpes then they are not the right person for you because a real person who loves you will accept you in sickness AND in health.

A cure would be worth anything to me or a time machine so I could not get involved with him in the first place. It’s almost impossible not to stress and live a happy life when you plagued with the thought of yourself being disease-ridden for the rest of your life.
Money is being made by you having this disease for life and treating it instead of curing it.
A cure would be nice for my comfort so I wouldn’t have to deal with outbreaks but its not necessary. I had just started dating someone new and the thought of telling him I was recently diagnosed with HSV was beyond embarrassing.The thing is he accepted me for me. I believe everything happens for a reason and if I am positive maybe I deserved this disease and maybe I just need to love myself more.
I know this now and am just looking forward to meeting that the one who I know who I can trust but I won’t be messing about in the mean time. Herpes may (hopefully not soon) last a life time but a child is for 18 years but 100x more expensive. But I do have faith in the lord and I believe he has a reason behind everything he does, keep your heads up and pray love of and for the most high is unconditional. I’m just trying to live the rest of my life out and thats already hard with going to college and looking for stable work.
I cant bare the though of having to tell a girl if we start to date that I cant have sex for fear of passing it on to her. If a cure is found there will be more of us all over the world who reap the benefits than any of us even no. It was one of the hardest things Ive ever had to do in my life but again they thanked me for my honesty and were supportive. Me and my boyfriend were together for two years and have recently broken up for other reasons. I would pray and hope that a cure to get rid of herpes for good would come sooner rather then later.

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