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Thus, to avoid passing Herpes to a partner during sexual activities, additional precautions such as daily anti-viral medicine, condoms, dental dams, and even protective gloves may be necessary. It’s a difficult situation finding out you have herpes, dealing with herpes has given your life a new challenge.
One of the biggest concerns about living a life with herpes is that infected individuals are worried that they will no longer be able to have a fulfilling relationship again.
And still others fall into a depression and suffer from low self-esteem, wondering if anyone will want to date them or be sexual with them again. I was diagnosed with genital herpes three years ago, and this diagnosis has left me full of emotions.
It was hard enough to face the fact that we’d had sex, or tried to, and it was much harder to cope with the fact that I had caught an incurable sexually transmitted disease. But a partner said she’d tested positive for oral herpes and that I needed to get tested. The risk of transmitting the infection within a relationship is about 4 per year, and this risk has been shown to be significantly reduced by combining the taking of antiviral medication by the partner with the infection with the use of condoms. I’m single and caught it from a guy I had a one night stand with ( stupid I know ) I’m really struggling to come to terms with having this! The average time for transmission in a new couple, where one partner has herpes and the other doesn’t, is about two months.
If you care about your partner and want to have an intimate relationship with them, herpes does not have to stand in the way. But immediately after, I ended up going back to an ex who I knew had HSV1 and I think I stayed with her for the next six months as a default position just to not have to face dating other people and trying to figure out how to deal with this.
The 5 Stages of Emotionally Dealing with Herpes: It does not have to be deal-breaker in a dating or long-term relationship. A positive attitude will help you cope with herpes and trying to protect your partner reflects your personal integrity.
People who make contact with a support group for people with genital herpes often describe this as being a turning point in their coping with genital herpes in their life.
At this moment I feel like my life is on hold and no one will want to have a relationship with me since I have it! Chris told me about his herpes about 2 months into our relationship, long before we had done more then make out.
Around the time I was getting serious with this new person, the new person was scared but very accepting of this and we have had a healthy safe relationship for about 3 years now!
If you or your partner are finding it hard to come to terms with the news, need advice, guidance for the future, or just need to talk with someone a medical expert or counselor can help give you some direction.
You can take power and control of your life by knowing what’s going on with your body. Genital herpes is a contagious viral infection that remains permanently in the nerve cells.
If you’d like to share your dating or relationship success story on here, please send us an email. It’s nice to know that there are others out there dealing with this problem, and I hope that one day the stigma on those infected with herpes is lifted.

Com) – Lana, a 38 year-old publicist in Los Angeles, California, was diagnosed with genital herpes in 1997. That’s because at least 10 percent of herpes sufferers have mild to no symptoms at all. Although previous researchers have found evidence of herpes-related stigma (Newton & McCabe, 2008) , its relationship to herpes-related psychological adjustment is unknown.
Within her first week on Positive Singles, she went on three dates and has since gone on seven more, which fostered one romantic relationship and a friendship over the past two years.
Herpes can produce quite mild symptoms to where you can mistakenly attribute it to various other problems without even thinking it could be a sexually transmitted disease. The emotional stress of dealing with herpes can be more difficult to cope with than the physical discomfort caused by the virus. I’ve had pretty much every thought, feeling, and emotion most people have felt in their first year of dealing with herpes.
I’m looking both for advice on what to do, as well as anecdotes on life with, or dating someone with Herpes. With herpes, depression is often complicated by the unfortunate stigma that is attached to having the disease AND the stress that having an STD places on a person and their relationships. You might worry whether having herpes will affect your relationship with your sexual partner or keep you from having meaningful relationships in the future. The hotline also provides support for emotional issues surrounding herpes such as self-esteem and partner communication.
Learning that one is diagnosed with Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) , either oral or genital, can be very emotional. Most of those patients deal with thoughts about their mortality, related depression, and minor levels of suicidality every day. The first thing I do is confront the problem and ask my patients to acknowledge their depression, the pain (physical and emotional) , and whatever pyschosocial issues they are coping with regarding their diagnosis. It’s very likely that you have a close family member, a dear friend, and even a co-worker that has herpes too. The more stress a person experiences, particularly if one has poor stress coping skills, the more outbreaks the person has. For most individuals, the initial reaction to a positive herpes diagnosis can range from shock, anger, sadness, guilt, fear or embarrassment. Depression Anxiety Trauma Weight Loss Implementing Career Life Balance Sex Addiction in Heterosexual and Gay Men Alcohol and other Substance Use Concerns Coping with a Herpes diagnosis Coping with an HIV diagnosis Gay, Bisexual, and Lesbian Clients THERAPEUTIC APPROACH I work with clients using an eclectic approach that is person-centered and based on the client’s needs.
2 The direction of cause and effect is difficult to establish in this relationship, but these two factors (stress and number of outbreaks) are nonetheless, extremely related. Although dating with herpes can seem stressful, most potential partners will take your diagnosis in stride, particularly if you approach the subject with openness, honesty, and information. Met this person a few months ago and she was just told by a previous partner that he has genital herpes. Many people revealed that the hardest part about going back dating or being in a new relationship is telling their new partner that they have a genital herpetic infection.
In addition, Melissa is a certified holistic health coach, with over 10 years of experience working with women on weight loss, healthier eating, improving body image, dating and relationship concerns, and aligning goals with personal values.

Empowering yourself with knowledge can help you be confident around those who are ignorantly critical. When it comes to herpes, not only do physical and medical factors play huge roles, but many need to acknowledge the emotional and psychological toll it takes on someone. When you ask me about what you can do about that, I would again recommend that you go see a sex therapist whether you go together, whether he goes, so you can get yourselves back on track with the sexual part of your relationship, because that is a very vital part of being together.
First, it is important for you not to be in denial about the fact that you have been diagnosed with herpes and that you have been a carrier of this virus for almost 30 years. Just to add to the informatin for you, all relationships i have been in since 18 have been catastrophe’s, with lazy Gold Diggers, or Manipulative attention seekers, or girls who just basically dont know how to genuinely be in a relationship. I started dating, she was actually in a long distance relationship with someone at the time.
I’m just not clear on whether you were diagnosed with herpes or whether you are assuming you have it because you had a blister. Getting diagnosed with Genital Herpes (or Oral Herpes) can be the worst moment of your life.
Tired of being depressed and lonely with Herpes, I began learning everything I could about thecauses of the herpes virus. And I began dating, having wonderful relationships, and even having great sex after (I eventold them I had herpes). Women can reach out to their doctors, mental health professionals, and area support groups for help dealing with depression or anxiety. In their mind, the unsurities of having herpes and navigating the dating world is too overwhelming to be worth delving into. This is because when oral sex and genital-to-genital contact is avoided during outbreaks, sexual partners can explore many other ways to still have a fulfilling sexual relationship.* In a relationship that has mutual respect, you deserve the right to be able to disclose your condition without fear of rejection or any other negative feeling that you may be prone to experiencing. Symptoms for primary infections range from confusion, denial, anger, hostility, withdrawal, and severe depression to guilt, shame, fear, a sense of immeasurable loss, resentment, and retaliation.
Disclosing that you have herpes can also help filter out any potential sexual partners that you may want to be in the long-run with.Coping With a Herpes OutbreakAlthough we are all entitled to a genital itch here and there, persistent uncomfortableness should always warrant medical assistance. For many, the fear of transmitting the virus to another or fear of discussing the infection with a potential partner can lead to avoidance of relationships.
Many people after discovering they’ve acquired herpes are very much at a loss as to how to cope, feeling very lost and alone. Coping with genital herpes can help you empower different aspects of yourself and your life that you never knew you would or could do. Use it instead to enrich your relationship and sex life, to discover some new self-confidence, strengthen supportive friendships, and be a hopeful voice and example for another.

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