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Complementary and Alternative Medicine9.13 Discuss complementary (alternative)health practices as they related to wellnessand disease prevention.
The national center for complementary & alternative medicine at the National Institutes of Health was created in 1992 to help evaluate alternative method of treatment and to integrate those that are effective into mainstream healthcare practice.
3OBJECTIVES: OBJECTIVES To establish, organize and render comprehensive community healthcare systems including preventive, curative and primitive aspects of healthcare for the benefit of one and all specially women and children in rural and tribal communities. To work for the eradication and prevention of diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis, Cancer through all streams of medicine. Also to associate with foreign institutions, hospitals to promote research and development in India. THE HEALING POWER OF NATURE: Alternative medicines are founded on a deep belief in the healing power of nature.

PATIENT CENTERED RATHER THAN PHYSICIAN CENTERED: Alternative medicine is patient centered in which the feelings, beliefs and the opinions of the patient are essential elements in the treatment and decision making process.
HIGHER STANDARD OF HEALTH: Other factors ranging from the strength of a person`s vital energy to how happy the persons is in his or her personal and professional life are also considered.
Even a person`s religious and spiritual concerns are all carefully addressed when assessing health & wellbeing. Many people are seeking a return to herbal remedies because they perceive these remedies as being less potent than prescription drugs and as being free of adverse side effects. Several organizations have been established to attempt regulation & control of the herbal industry like The `American Herbal Association` and the `American Botanical Council`. It is use to improve concentration and memory & has been suggested as a treatment of depression and anxiety.

The term siddha means achievements and siddhars were saintly persons who achieved results in medicine.
This system believes that all objects in the universe including human body are composed of 5 basic elements namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire, And Sky. 15REMEDIES IN SIDDHARS : REMEDIES IN SIDDHARS They recommend several medicines for mental abnormalities. Common medicines: Vedivuppu (Potassium nitrate) Rasam (Mercury) Navcharam (Ammonium chloride.

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