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While many people go to medical doctors who prescribe drugs and also surgical remedies to treat colon cancer, some people are also turning towards natural remedies to opt for a safer and effective way to get rid of this ailment and its symptoms. Due its rich medicinal properties, there is no doubt that garlic stands at the top of our list of natural remedies for curing colon cancer.
Another important natural remedy to treat colon cancer, nettle is very effectual in eliminating any kind of body stress and making the immune system strong.
Nettle is rich in vitamin and minerals and so it keeps the body healthy enough to fight the symptoms of colon cancer. This herb is rich in compounds that prevents the growth of cancer cells, detoxifies the body, and reduces all kinds of pain, swelling and inflammation in the body.

Thus, most Ayurvedic practitioners recommend the consumption of garlic to all patients who suffer from colon cancer. Turmeric can as lobe consumed on a daily basis to fight colon cancer and its related symptoms. Parsley is yet another herb that we feature in this list of natural remedies for treating colon cancer. Red clover is also a proved effectual remedy for curing colon cancer as it contains a substance called genistein which is helpful in purifying the blood and eliminating cancer causing cells from the body.
Red clover also contains natural antibiotics which aid in destroying detrimental bacteria in the body.

The colon is a part of the digestive system which aids in absorbing nutrients, water and minerals and also assists in eliminating waste from the body in the form of stool. Garlic is rich in allicin and other phytochemicals which are highly beneficial in lessening inflammation, detoxifying the colon, eliminating harmful chemicals from the colon and flushing out all sorts of parasites, bacteria, cancer cells, etc. This kind of cancer is very common and has affected thousands of people worldwide over the years.

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