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Because a cold is caused by a virus and not by bacteria, antibiotics won’t help you get better.
Sometimes a bacterial infection of your throat, sinuses, ears or lungs can follow on from a cold (NICE 2011, NHS 2013b). Having an ordinary cold, though miserable for you, should not be harmful to your health or your baby's. Herbal remedies are popular with many people who want to prevent colds and boost their immunity.
If you want to take any decongestant medicines while you’re pregnant, always ask your pharmacist or doctor first.
Many cold remedies that you can buy over the counter contain a combination of ingredients – including a decongestant – so always ask for professional advice before taking them while you are pregnant (NHS 2012b).
Join now to receive free weekly newsletters tracking your baby’s development and yours throughout your pregnancy. Sleep Propped Up 1 of 19 Share Getting enough sleep during pregnancy is essential, but hard to do when your nose is stuffy. Make sure every doctor you visit during your pregnancy knows that you are with child before prescribing you any new meds. It is recommended to ask the advice of your current doctor whether to take an OTC cold medicine during pregnancy as they know about your condition better than anyone else.
The functioning of the immune system slows down during pregnancy, which is why a cold might not go away easily even while taking the right medicine. Antihistamines are a safe class of cold medications for pregnant women with drowsiness being their only side effect.

Phenylephrine, NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) and alcohol containing liquid cold medication must be avoided at all costs during pregnancy as they can cause major side effects. Apart from the cold medicine during pregnancy, there are some home remedies which you can resort to. If you’re not sure, see your doctor quickly, because flu in pregnancy can be harmful for you and your baby.
People with a cold should catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue, throw it away, and wash their hands.
There is a small risk that taking some of these medicines during pregnancy could be harmful for your baby.
Follow the dosage instructions on the packet and as with all medicines when you are pregnant, take it for the shortest amount of time possible. 17.5 weeks pregnant and after weeks off work with hyperemesis, I started back to work last week and now dosed with the cold. Find out how to treat cold and flu symptoms during pregnancy with these safe remedies for pregnant women.
However, taking over the counter cold medicine during pregnancy is not advisable since they can have an adverse effect on the health of the baby.
Pseudoephedrine is a safe drug to use during day for colds while Benadryl is most effective during nighttime.
Guaifenesin and Dextromethorphan are considered safe for treating cough during pregnancy while Benzocaine is recommended for alleviating sore throat symptoms when used in combination with Dextromethorphan.
Young children get colds even more often, and if you’re around them you may catch colds more frequently (NICE 2011).

Even better, consider raising the head of your bed a few inches by propping it up with sturdy books or blocks (because you're pregnant, let someone else undertake this project).
There are many alternative cold drugs available in the market, which are safe for pregnant women that you can take instead. Apart from these two, Robitussin is another drug that can be safely used during pregnancy for treating colds. If you want to try a cough syrup or lozenge, ask your pharmacist to recommend one that is safe while you’re pregnant. Therefore, if you are pregnant, ask your doctor about the cold meds that are safe for you to take. As far as antibiotics are concerned, Cephalosporin is considered a safer option for pregnant women rather than Quinolone or Tetracycline.
Minkin, but if it's a particularly bad cough, "I'll prescribe some Robitussin with codeine, which is safe during pregnancy." "If a woman needs antibiotics," noted Dr. Minklin, "many are safe in pregnancy, such as penicillin derivatives and cephalosporins (like Ceftin).
Marjorie Greenfield, MD, obstetrician and author of The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book, offers the following low-cost alternative for harnessing the power of steam: lean over the sink and with a towel draped over your head, let the hot water run to make a little steam tent for yourself.

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