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Yes babies under 6 months do not need any other medication other than breast milk during cold and cough to fight off the virus and bacteria. Garlic and Ajwain (carrom seeds) are known for its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. In addition to the above mentioned 21 home remedies, we recommend nasobuddy nasal aspirator for your baby which is efficient in relieving the baby’s stuffed nose.
Priya, can you post the query to our forum, experienced moms can help you there as it seems like an allergy for me. Hello Mam, my son is now 11 months old and he is having wet cough and runny nose, pls suggest me some home remedies. Komal, use garlic ajwain potli, use steamer for his blocked nose placed at a safe distance and give him warm soups.
I have tried saline water which helps for short term for runny nose but I am feeling helpless by seeing such a small baby coughing so much.
Breast milk is the only option for babies less than 6 months old as they are very much sensitive. Hi Sangeetha, just few days back I joined this blog and I found very useful tips on various topics for babies n kids. Basically since the end of January, no kidding, this house has been battling these nasty head cold viruses. When we got back from our short trip to California, we were welcomed by Remy who came down with yet another cold and an ear infection. For babies and toddlers under two, we have discovered a few things to help soothe the littles while their tiny bodies fight off the virus.
Feed Lukewarm Water Drinking water is very essential for babies, especially when they catch cold.

I remember when Anshika was barely 3 weeks old when she became down with her first cold and cough. Learn how to safely give over-the-counter (OTC) medicines if needed to ease a fever, runny nose, sore throat, or other common cold symptoms.
For example, many cold medicines for kids contain acetaminophen -- which is the same as Tylenol. You'll just be guessing at the right dose, and some medicines are formulated differently for children. Zarbee’s Naturals Cough Syrup- This has been great for our toddler to soother her soar little throat. Aller-Calm drops by Sprout’s- another natural supplement drop for our toddler when she had a cough and sore throat, sinus pressure. Eucalyptus Oil- A few drops into their cold water Crane humidifiers and into a hot steamy bath tub for soothing vapors.
Some of the most prevalent causes of baby cold are temperature fluctuation in the atmosphere, cold spread in the family to any member and viral infections.Though, there are various medicated treatments available to cure baby cold, but the home remedies offer instantaneous relief to babies. Since children are prone to dehydration due to the consumption of medicines during cold, they should be fed with ample of water. I am sure many moms would have gone through this difficult phase of sleepless night and crankiness in babies during cold and cough. He has only one tooth now, can you please suggest morning breakfast which is easy and quick to prepare and suitable for him. If your child has been taking an OTC medicine for more than three days, she should see her doctor. Use only products that are labeled for use in babies, infants, or children ("for pediatric use").

It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances.
One of the best homemade vapor rub for babies is a combination of coconut oil, primrose oil, rosemary oil and beeswax. For kids 6 and older, hard candy or over-the-counter lozenges with anesthetic can help reduce pain.
For instance, don't choose a multi-symptom cold medicine or cough medicine for only a sore throat. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. But I suggest to go for the saline drops available in the market than the home-made ones as there is a risk of bacterial growth .
Other home remedies to try: Inhaled steam from a hot shower or a cool mist vaporizer may help a stuffy nose.
For an older child, call the doctor if he appears dehydrated, is not urinating enough, is not drinking well, or is not acting normally. If you catch the sniffles soon enough, a day or two of the Vick’s and the cold is gone. However, direct steaming over hot air container covered with a cloth is not a good idea for infants.
It offers a much better relief to little kids suffering from cold and flu, since all the ingredients are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

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