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At North Scottsdale Acupuncture, we use Chinese medicine principles to evaluate and treat a wide range of issues. The approach to using herbs in Chinese medicine follows a logical paradigm about how imbalances are created and in what order they should be resolved. For more complex and chronic illnesses, individuals need to be under the supervision of a Certified Herbalist and seen in the clinic.

For patients with highly complex cases or for those who would prefer not to have acupuncture, we are happy to offer herbal consultations for Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions only. We are unlike typical online retailers in that we stress the importance of obtaining professional advice before purchasing any chinese herbal product. If you are not simply refilling a recommended formula we urge you to utilize our herbal consultation service, or locate a professional in your area that can better help you.

Our intent is to provide a safe and secure place for you to purchase your Chinese herbal remedies and natural supplements without having to worry about being overcharged.  Thanks for visiting!

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