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For centuries, humans have used Chinese herbs as ingredients to many powders, potions, ointments, drinks and solutions to aid with various ailments. Today, we call this approach by many names – alternative, natural or herbal - as it is a more natural approach that uses ingredients that are less likely to cause harmful side effects.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many people rely on Chinese herbs in an effort to reduce their hair loss and attempt to stimulate regrowth. The Chinese use herbs extensively in their traditional medical practice, and for centuries they have treated hair loss with some of these herbs. The Liver and Kidney Yin Deficiency – The Yin is one part of the energy twin believed in Chinese medicine to drive the functioning of the human body.
Even in modern medicine, hair loss is commonly treated with supplements of essential vitamins and minerals. Similarly, antioxidants protecting the cells of the hair follicle from oxidative damage by free radicals and vasodilators that increase blood flow especially in the capillaries supplying papilla cells with nutrients are known to reverse hair loss and improve the anagen phase of hair growth cycle.
In fact, certain hair loss herbs can be used to treat even different issues when it comes to hair. Many Chinese herbalists believe that hair loss is caused by the lack of sufficient blood flow and circulation, especially in relation to the hair follicles. Herbalists work to correct blood deficiencies and other deficiencies with a combination of herbs including peony, jujube, citrus and raw rehmannia. One con for the use of Chinese herbs for the treatment of hair loss is that there is no FDA approval which many consumers are leery of.

The benefits of Chinese herbs used for hair loss like Dong Quai cannot accurately be evaluated  by the FDA therefore risks or benefits are not actually known. Yet on the positive side for herbs like Dong Quai or He Shou Wu there are no reports of known side effects.
The bottom line is that herbal approaches for any type of ailment are generally more popular with those who are already working with herbs and other natural remedies for health issues. Other Chinese herbs that work by addressing liver and kidney yin deficiencies include Chinese wolfberries and Ligusticum wallichii.
Ce Bai Ye or Platycladus is another Chinese herb whose oil is useful for stimulating hair growth.
Chinese herbs are generally safe and work well with other supplements used for hair loss such as Vitamin C.
Healthy diet is an important complement of herbs in Chinese Medicine, and as such, foods that help detoxify the body are recommended when taking Chinese herbs.
Advecia is a natural DHT blocker that has been formulated to restore the appearance of existing hair, while decreasing the psychosocial impact of hair loss. Stress, poor diet and other factors can cause stagnation in the back, shoulders, neck and head, which takes its toll on the scalp, hair follicles and overall growth. Chinese herbs used to treat this deficiency are also believed to contribute to the rejuvenation of hair through the stimulation of hair follicle cells. Taking better care of yourself, using herbs for better health and relaxing the body can help.

The Chinese believe this herb has a restorative property essential to the kidney and blood.
This herb is used for promoting hair regrowth especially in people experiencing male pattern baldness or alopecia caused by the onset of old age.
While its exact active ingredients and mechanism of action are unknown, it has shown positive results in people who use it to treat hair loss. Herbs that detoxify the body are believed by the Chinese to promote hair regrowth since this toxin buildup also affects the cells of the hair follicles.
Not only will these cells be well nourished, ginseng also improves their efficiency leading to new hair growth. Fo-ti is classified as a tonic and is taken in traditional Chinese Medicine to slow the signs of aging especially premature graying of the hair and hair loss.
It is confirmed to stimulate hair growth as well as restore the color and sheen of the hair. He Shou Wu is known to promote the growth of terminal hair rather than the baby-like vellus hair growth stimulated by drugs such as Minoxidil.

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