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Applying to medical school is a very competitive process, and not everyone who is interested in becoming a doctor will ultimately be successful in gaining admission. Medical illustrators render science and medicine visually by creating both traditional and digital illustrations. The first special edition of Career Options magazine focuses on the MBA path and job opportunities.
The Health & Wellness Professional Network sponsored an on-campus panel discussion on the topic of Alternatives to Medical School.
The alumni shared insights into their respective fields as well as their personal career paths. From the robust attendance, we know that our students are interested in learning about the varied and diverse career options in health care. Medicine can be one of the most emotionally and financially rewarding of all careers, combining an exceptionally high income with the ability to save or transform patients' lives. TeachingFor some physicians, joining the teaching faculty at a medical or osteopathic school is an excellent alternative career path. AdministrationThe health care industry also has a significant long-term need for skilled administrators. The Private SectorA doctor's education and clinical experience can be useful in many private-sector careers.

However, many of the aspects that draw people to practise medicine, such as the ability to help people, job security and good salaries, are also present in a variety of other professions and occupations. They act as medical “detectives” to find out the cause of an outbreak by analyzing data and trends, and examine the factors that impact outbreaks (environmental, behavioural, microbial and physiological, for example). They treat patients’ problems with vision, and prescribe glasses, contact lenses and medicines. On March 6, more than 50 students from all class years attended the program to learn about career options in the field of health care.
They talked about their Colgate experience and what factors influenced their decision to pursue careers in health. From the federal government to local municipalities, doctors help administer health care systems and set public policy.
Pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturers and other health care-related companies often put physicians on their payroll as advisers, researchers or consultants. Optometrists can also specialize in different areas, such as pediatric care and low vision. Firms specializing in medical law also require doctors as consultants and expert witnesses. There’s just one Association of Medical Illustrators-accredited graduate program in Canada: the two-year University of Toronto Biomedical Communications program.

Physicians with an additional business, management or health care administration degree, especially a widely-respected degree such as an MBA, can climb to the upper levels of health care management.
Doctors who earn a law degree can be especially valuable, with a unique understanding of malpractice law and other medico-legal issues. According to the program’s website, graduates work in fields as varied as pharma and biotech visualization, medical-legal visualization, health communication, research dissemination and textbook publishing. Doctors looking for relief from these or other tensions can utilize their experience in a number of alternative career paths. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 24 percent increase in the number of physicians and surgeons between 2010 and 2020, which in turn demonstrates a high need for medical educators. In the financial services sector, doctors can carve out a potent career as investment planners to their former colleagues.

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