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Although most people are very familiar with moles, not everyone fully understands its underlying cause. Moles are essentially benign tumors that contain nevus cells (a type of cell that produces melanin pigment), which may be congenital or grows for some reason. One way to tell whether the dark pigmented spot in your skin is a mole or a cancer is by looking at its regularity. The use of eye-catching colors, such as yellow, red, and orange, can help make your mole unnoticeable. However, if you find your mole to be related to melanoma, which is a serious type of skin cancer, we highly recommend the use of the PYRO-ENERGEN electrostatic therapy for treatment and prevention.
A mole is simply a cluster of pigmented cells, creating a spot that can be flesh-colored, pink or very dark brown. In this article, we'll let you know if there's a link between cancer and mole, how to identify cancerous moles, and tips on how to make your moles less noticeable.

In addition, there is very little evidence that shows that mole is a type of skin cancer in the first place. These melanin-producing cells (melanocyte) can only be considered cancerous or malignant if they are characterized by uncontrolled or progressive growth.
In addition, if a hair grows in the dark pigmented spot, then this is a solid proof that it is a benign mole and NOT a cancer. This is due to the fact that capillaries of a mole are growing rapidly and excessively, and this includes the hair follicles. Generally, large moles are removed surgically, while smaller moles can be removed through the use of laser. That is, even among friends, parent and child, it was found that even in close relationship, people can't remember the location of moles of the other party. Some moles are raised off the skin’s surface, and some sprout hairs, but neither is a bad sign in itself.

This is because a malignant mole or cancer destroys the skin pores and prevents hair from growing.
Experiments show that people are more likely to be attracted to these eye-catching colors and distract the eye from the mole. In many cases, these myths came from the idea that you will most likely get cancer when stimulation is applied on the mole area.
If a mole appears suspicious (based on the ABCDE characteristics) or it becomes easily irritated, your dermatologist can numb the skin and remove it by cutting or shaving it off, explains Dr.

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