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Over 15 years of helping men with cholesterol, heart disease, weight gain, BPH, erectile weakness, prostate cancer, and more. The Portland Clinic of Holistic Health has been providing natural integrated cancer treatment and support for over 15 years with a wide variety of cancer patients. Statistics indicate that one out of every four dogs will develop cancer at some point in life. The most common types of cancer in dogs include osteosarcoma, oral melanoma, lymphosarcoma, and mammary neoplasia. This all natural supplement strengthens your dog’s immune system and helps him fight cancer. Life Gold for dog cancer remedy is made by Pet Wellbeing, a leader in all natural herbal pet treatments.

So naturally we have a great deal of experience with IBS, constipation, diarrhea, Chrons Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Stomach Ulcers, colon cancer, and more. We us anti-cancer botanical agents, injectable therapies such as Iscador (the most well studied natural therapy against cancer), intravenous vitamin C a natural chemotherapeutic agents, special bio-thermal therapies and more. Some cancers attack the bones and skin, while others affect the connective tissues, blood, and organs. While chemotherapy and standard medications may destroy healthy cells, holistic dog remedies are safe and effective. Researchers have found that this herb contains a variety of compounds that have the ability to block cell growth and stop cancerous cells from dividing. Here you can find the best holistic canine treatments for common dog diseases and conditions.

Most dogs with cancer experience weakness, fever, vomiting, lethargy, enlarged lymph nodes, superficial skin masses, weight loss, and spontaneous bleeding (hemangiosarcoma). Holistic dog treatments protect the liver, reduce pain, and stop malignant cells from spreading through the body. Herbal dog remedies for cancer, Hypothyroidism, pink eye, canine heart disease, dog arthritis, liver disease, kidney disease and more.

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