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By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than twice a month. As increasing numbers of people turn to alternative healing practices, this classic text on the science and art of homeopathic medicine remains ever relevant. Originally written in the Aztec language, this 16th-century codex was the first herbal and medical text compiled in the New World.
Among Eric Sloane's dozens of popular books, A Museum of Early American Tools has always held a special place in the hearts of lovers of Americana and Yankee ingenuity. For each of 100 species described, the author provides Latin and common names, climatic zones, descriptions, cultivation data, and general comments. Now this delightful evocation of simpler times and tools (the tools that built America) is available for the first time in a handsome hardcover gift edition. A treasury of tried-and-true wisdom from centuries of practical experience, it has served as a basis for modern-day organic medicine and has enormous value for practitioners of alternative healing methods. Culled from early American almanacs and diaries, hundreds of brief reflections cover proper behavior for "At the Table" and "In Dress and Habits" as well as tips on carpentry, housework, weather, and more.

This informative volume is must reading for any student or practitioner of homeopathy as well as any individual seriously interested in understanding the fundamental laws of health and healing. Chinese scholars have been writing medical treatises for nearly 5,000 years, the grandest and most comprehensive of which is the Herbal Pen T'sao, published by Li Shih-chen in 1578.
This refreshing, delightfully written, and magnificently illustrated book underscores the important role that wood has played in the development of American life and culture. The author readily acknowledges the superiority of Western medicine in certain situations (particularly in cases of infectious disease); his contention is that every physician should have the knowledge and advantage of Oriental medicine and acupuncture in addition to the benefits of Western medicine. Readers will discover not only how herbs were used in making vegetable and meat dishes, gravies and sauces, cakes, pies, soups, and beverages, but also how our ancestors employed them in making dyes, furniture polish, insecticides, spot removers, perfumes, hair tonics, soaps, tooth powders, and numerous other products. The combined techniques offer enormous potential not only for alleviating suffering and possibly even saving lives, but also for reducing common medical expenses. This fascinating book provides a wealth of information on the uses of herbs by homemakers of the past and gives more than 500 authentic recipes exactly as they appeared in their original sources.
The easy-to-do figures--set amid flowers, clouds, and colorful backgrounds--are not only ideal for window panels, mobiles, and lampshades but will also work well for wall-hangings, needlework projects, and as dramatic graphics for a variety of print assignments.

This work discusses beverage plants, vegetable substitutes for soap, medicinal plants, and those that can be used as fibers, dyes, smoking material, adhesives, and candles.
This landmark book chronicles his travels and observations on waste-free methods of cultivation that conserve natural resources. Former editor of Horticulture magazine offers the home gardner full, sound and practical advice on a wide range of plants.
Starting with historical background, including the origins and meanings of concepts essential to the practice of acupuncture, the text proceeds to a discussion of the anatomical and pathophysiological concepts of Oriental medicine, concluding with a detailed review of diagnostic methods. Invaluable reference and guide, carefully researched and charmingly written, illustrates and describes over 50 herbs and plants that were extremely useful to colonial settlers, among them: bee balm, bloodroot, candytuft, daffodil, hyssop, lovage, rosemary, tansy, wormwood, and yarrow.

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