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Any energetic imbalances and even physical or emotional conditions may be fixed energetically with bio-energy healing. At first, the most important thing in distant energy healing is to release a repressed, weak, ill, congested or stagnant energy or blockages stored in the bio-energy systems, even at cellular levels, and open up the chakras or energy centres rather than bringing in new energy. People can only benefit by discharging blocked or negative energy from their bodies, and from cleansing and healing their chakras on a regular basis. The method of healing by energy at a long distance is through a hologram (mental image) of the person to be healed.
We've written two how-to-do books where we explain step-by-step how anyone may become a healer for themselves and others, and how to perform bio-energy, distant and chakra healing.
To perform healing at a distance, healers must be skilled in all methods of healing using energetic influence and suggestion, or successfully practised methods of controlling inner and outer energies (telepathy and ability to receive and send information at a distance).
We have performed the energy assessment and healing at a distance for many years, and it soon became our favourite method of healing.
Michael Nudel and Eva Nudel, PhD, are distant energy healing specialists of Bio-Energy System Services Inc., based in Los Angeles. Bio-energy healing may be described as healing performed on the bio-energy field at close distances.
Distant healing (absent or remote healing) is a method of bio-energy healing at any long distance. Bio-energy healing is performed at a close distance when a healee is present, and the healing is mostly done with the energy of the hands, whereas distant healing is the healing performed mentally when a healee is not present. The healees may or may not be aware that this healing has been undertaken for them, but nevertheless may attain much benefit from it.

Moreover, we offer our own unique and innovative method of healing named Ether 'Double' Image Healing, which may be performed by anyone, on anyone, and at any distance.
You can try the method of distant healing if you have already developed a strong memory, can concentrate your consciousness, fill yourself with the universal or cosmic energy, control the flow of your energy, and have a positive state of mind.
Distant healing promotes the wholeness and balance of the organism and its resistance to illnesses and weakness.
In the world of energy, it is possible to control and transmit healing energies or relieve any energetic imbalances over any distance. When performing a distant energy healing or assessment, healers keep the healee's visualized energetic image before their eyes. Distant healing is performed by advanced healers, who can easily achieve a meditative state of mind and control and direct their mental energies. For healing purposes, you should use mental imagery, which is different from visualization in that it induces deep physical relaxation in addition to the process of visualization. Healing by bio-energy at any distance helps you to tap into that and learn to perceive or read energy and work with it. This form of healing can be very effective when performed using special techniques and methods. In this way, the healer controls the healee's energy field and conducts the energy cleansing and healing with his or her mental energies.
Having become relaxed and having achieved a meditative state of mind, you may stimulate and facilitate vibrant mental healing images. When we heal a person face to face, we feel in front of us equal energetic systems where the energetic imbalance occurs, temporarily interfering with healing energies.

Performing bio-energy healing, healers also work with the ether 'double' of the physical body, first perceiving its energetic information and imbalances, and then cleansing, balancing, normalizing and healing the energy in the ether and physical bodies.
Then, the healer performs mentally the same techniques as for healing a person who is physically present. The effectiveness of our energy influence at close distances can be even less than when healing at a distance because of the interfering energy fields. While our minds effectively control bio-energy at any distance and our thoughts may be healing, let's benefit from the distant healing and balancing in our everyday life. Distant healing can be also named mental healing because it is performed mentally with the energy use, control or transfer. Healing and normalizing imbalances on the ether level brings health, vital energy and balance to the physical body. We'd never seen the woman; nevertheless, after one month of healing her blood test had improved enough not to have the chemotherapy. At a distance, we increase our energetic influence greatly, because we mentally put the image of the person in the space at no more than eight inches in height or draw the healee's energetic image and perform healing and balancing using the same techniques as at a close distance. We have achieved good results in healing such conditions as leukaemia, multiple sclerosis energy deficiency, asthma, infertility, and problems with the prostate gland and bladder.
After one month of distant healing, she became pregnant and then delivered a beautiful and healthy baby.

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