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Energy Psychology (EP) is a family of integrative approaches to psychotherapy, coaching and healthcare treatment rooted in mind-body healing traditions that are up to 5,000 years old.
Energy Psychology gently and swiftly release traumatic events that are frozen in time in the body-mind system. Embracing what modern physicists and ancient wisdom traditions know, energy psychology acknowledges the role of bio-energetic systems within and between people as important determinants of health and well-being, illness and pathology.
Energy Psychology theory suggests that psychological problems are a reflection of disturbed bio-energetic patterns within the mind-body system—a system that involves complex communication between a person’s neurobiology and their cognitive-behavioral-emotional patterns.
Energy Psychology practitioners combine cognitive interventions (including focused awareness and mindfulness, imaginal exposure to traumatic memories and cognitive reframing) simultaneously with the stimulation of one or more of the human bio-energy systems such as meridians, chakras and biofields.
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. Bio Energy HealingThe method’s name is “Biotherapy Healing According to the Method of Zdenko Domancic”.

The goal of our bioenergetic medicine is  to lessen or entirely eliminate health problems, as well as to enrich one’s personality and make it more resistible. Bio energy is a powerful, effective healing technique that works by rebalancing the life force energy field within and around our body. Stress, shock, grief, emotional problems, accidents and surgery etc, can all affect the body’s energy field. Bio Energy Healing sessions may prove beneficial to your health, relationships, finances, career and creativity. This clearing of the energy field will activate the body’s own natural healing process, bringing about physical, mental, emotional healing and a sense of well-being.
Bio energy can be used solely as a stress relieving tool, helping to bring about a profound sense of well-being, improving concentration and focus, releasing tension and helping to keep the body healthy. Bio energy has proven itself to be beneficial when dealing with accidents and sports injuries.

Normal healing time can be halved in a lot of cases while sports performances can be enhanced following sessions, due to the focus and concentration gained.
EP methods blend the bio-energetic insights of these traditions with the best of contemporary psychological practice, and have been refined through 35 years of modern clinical experience with millions of clients throughout the world. The method is one of the so called energy healing methods (the methods of influencing with biofield and affecting one’s biofield). Pauline will locate energy imbalances using a series of unique hand movements and will then proceed to rebalance the energy field.
Changing the pictures creates both physical and emotional healing, and enables you to attract more positive experiences into your life.

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