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Holistic nutrition is a form of nutrition therapy that some doctors and wellness practitioners recommend to their patients.
It’s important to note that all registered dietitians are nutritionists but not all nutritionists are registered dietitians. Earn a bachelor’s degree with courses in nutrition and dietetics, including food and nutrition sciences, business, computer science, sociology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, and chemistry. Complete an experiential practice program that focuses on your area of specialization, such as holistic nutrition, corporate wellness, or naturopathic medicine.
Although nutritionist is a popular career choice in the nutrition field, there are numerous other professions to choose from.
Nutritional counselors are concerned with human nutrition and how it can prevent or lead to various diseases or illnesses. A public health nutritionist is a registered dietitian who creates partnerships in the community to assure adequate and appropriate food and nutrition resources for the whole population, all ages and facilitates nutrition system and policy changes in the community. Dietitians are nutrition experts who help people understand the science behind food and nutrition enabling them to make smarter and healthier food choices.
Clinical nutritionists help individuals achieve healthy physiological function by assessing their nutritional needs through biochemical laboratory testing. Our site, in addition to other credible sources, offer an abundance of information about holistic nutrition and related fields. Top Holistic Nutrition Resources Online: Our list of top 100 holistic nutrition resources online is an outstanding collection of nutrition facts and other information for those studying holistic nutrition, or anyone interested in learning more about it. Harvard Medical School Online Library of Webcasts: This site is a wealth of information with links to several Webcasts on nutrition topics.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics: The BLS provides up-to-date career information for dietitians and nutritionists as well as a positive job outlook report that projects a growth of 21 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations! These sites offer a broad overview, historical information, and all types of facts about how holistic nutrition can improve anyone’s health and lifestyle. The American Nutrition Association has been around since 1972 with a focus on advocating health advancement.
Nutrition Facts offers much deeper information than the nutrition labels on packaged foods.
The Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition is where individuals must go in order to become board certified in Practical Holistic Nutrition. The Whole Journey features the full gamut of news, recipes, videos, blog posts, and product reviews about holistic health and nutrition. Wellspring Holistic Center gives nutritional counseling services that allow individuals to confront problematic eating habits and improve the overall stability of the mind and body. Holistic Learning Center provides Nutrition Consultation along with Lifestyle Coaching Services to work with parents whose children have ADD, ADHD, LD, and PDD.
Well of Life Center for Natural Health provides numerous services, like nutritional testing, holistic and natural remedies, as well as whole food and herbal supplements. Healthful Elements is a blog that focuses on living the best lifestyle possible through holistic nutrition methods and guides on eating better. The Nutrition Advisor is run by Linda Wolschlager and she blogs about different nutritional elements, with posts analyzing individual health conditions. The Underground Wellness Blog looks at facts that are not as well known about nutrition and the best ways to combat them.
Jungle Girl Health has advice on nutrition programs, sports nutrition, a thorough blog, along with testimonials from those who Jungle Girl has worked with. The National Integrated Health Associates Integrative Health Blog looks at different topics within holistic nutrition over each entry, tackling issues like estrogen dominance, garlic’s power, and ways to stop sugar cravings.

The Whole Good Life gives advices on holistic nutrition and welness coaching through a really great blog, recipes, useful books, and even services they provide. The Holistic Nutrition Girl is a site with plenty of advice for bettering a lifestyle through nutritional advice and advocating for healthier eating. Holistic Nutrition with Taunya Bruton has a blog that focuses on great recipes that are variations and less-healthy options, but they taste as good or better. Holistic Nutritioness is designed for those looking to improve themselves through their nutritional needs. Karen Roth Nutrition publishes regular articles on various holistic practices, news articles on health, links to media, how to alleviate allergy symptoms, and more. AHNA, in part, works as a bridge between traditional medicine and alternative healing practices. A forum to help find local nutrition specialists, recipes, holistic health conferences and other resources.
The Institute of Holistic Nutrition is the leading training institute for holistic health professionals.
Health coaching including simple methods: learning about nutrition, applying the knowledge, and getting to know your body. Includes great information for pregnancy nutrition, offering help for clients struggling with nausea, hypoglycemia, and hyperglycemia. Focuses on transforming your metabolism through holistic nutrition and teaching clients to reengage with their food, learn to get enough rest, reduce stress, and find time to meditate. Extensive nutrition services, including shopping tours, meal plans, and general nutritional counseling. Many of the most avid followers of holistic nutrition practices have taken to crafting their own recipes and meal plans and sharing them online. Balance in Nutrition is run by Morgan Potts, a Holistic Health Counselor who received her degree at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
A nutritionist and whole foods chef in North Carolina, Melanie offers a myriad of services. Nutrition consultants and therapists work with individuals to design custom plans for using holistic nutrition and dietary regiments to maintain not only a healthy and lasting body, but a healthy mind. Combines Chinese medicine, Amma, and holistic nutrition to offer a healthier lifestyle to clients. Natural Ways offers many treatments and supplements for natural living, holistic health, and nutrition. Holistic Choices offers many resources for people looking for information about nutrition, supplements, weight loss, or other health issues. Tri Holistic Nutrition focuses on providing a healthier lifestyle through advocating for local, organic, and seasonal foods. Be Well Associates works with patients to address health concerns through tests and services designed to identify the best approach to holistic nutrition. Healing Illuminations is a blog run by Holistic Nutrition Consultant Bridget Krutzik and gives advice on the best recipes for people and more information on nutrition consultations, Angelic Reiki, and Angel Readings. Wind of Change Nutrition assists patients with a variety of health conditions, ranging from digestive disorders to depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. Lavender Holistic is run by a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant and is experienced in assisting clients in losing weight, boosting immune systems, detoxifying bodies, and helping optimize fertility. You’re a Peach Holistic Nutrition and Wellness is a very comprehensive site for looking at the services a registered holistic nutritionist can do and how to detoxify and lose weight.
Sacred Source Nutrition is a great resource for gaining a better understanding of nutrition and holistic health practices to enrich the eating habits of anyone.

Crave Nutrition is a site tailored to health coaching and provides information on health coaching, health forms, recipes, and upcoming events.
Offers information on alternative, safe, pet-friendly products, including shampoos, food, and flea treatments.
We provide an all-in-one guide to finding a degree program in nutrition that best suits your career and educational goals. Most simply stated, holistic nutrition is healing the body with whole foods and supplements such as vitamins and amino acids in order to achieve optimal health.
The following directory will help you understand what types of careers are available to those who earn a nutrition degree. Proponents of holistic nutrition use all kinds of scientifically confirmed information about the nutrient content of various foods, along with the nutrition needs of individuals, to recommend dietary habits that promote health and wellness in all aspects of life. The site has regular posts on progress and purpose in daily life, including commentary on how to live authentically and maintain your personal life and mind through reflection as well as maintaining your body through nutrition. The site provides tips on nutrition, exercise, detoxing, parasites, and kidney cleanses, among others. Offers other intensive nutritional counseling, including pantry raids and grocery store tours. Also offers courses and workshops on health, nutrition, and healthy foods for those in the California area. The same nutrition needs don’t apply to everyone, and a personalized plan created with the help of a professional is the best way to use holistic nutrition principles in daily life. She offers honest information, cleanse guidelines, and helpful nutrition information for going forward. Their on-site experts include a nutritionist and herbal therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and massage therapist. Holistic Nutrition & Wellness was founded in 2010 and helps support individuals in conscious eating methods and they also provide articles and resources to supplement their services, events, and workshops.
They offer nutritional counseling, but also bio-therapeutic drainage, live blood cell microscopy, and more. Karr, who received her PhD in Holistic Nutrition and runs the site to assist those looking for holistic health advice. In addition to our articles and helpful links, our blog, maintained by registered dietitian Erin Thole, offers useful tips and resources for prospective and current students in the nutrition field. Associate’s degree programs tend to take the least amount of time to complete and prepare graduates for entry-level positions, with more advanced degrees requiring more credit hours but generally offering more opportunities for advancement in the field. A holistic nutritionist is a professional educated in natural nutrition whose job is to help educate clients to make healthier food, supplement, and lifestyle choices. A registered dietitian (RD) is a food and nutrition expert who has met the minimum professional and academic requirements. These sites share the basic tenets of holistic nutrition as well as specific meal plans, nutrition facts, and other information for those studying holistic nutrition, or anyone interested in learning more about it. While the FDA doesn’t focus on holistic nutrition per se, their website has a phenomenal stockpile of info regarding the nutrition and chemical content of all types of consumer products. The proper mix of nutritious foods can keep pets healthy and energetic for longer than a standard daily kibble allowance.

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