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It is exciting to note the increasing acceptance and visibility of alternative medicine and complementary forms of healing. Natural health degrees and holistic health careers have recently surged in response to society’s focus on improved quality of life and Western health care alternatives. Nearly three-fourths of practitioners started practicing massage therapy as a second career. Alternative Medicine Career OverviewAlternative medicine is a unique field of medicine which has become popular with patients looking for a more natural approach to their health. Homeopathy CareersHomeopathy is a system of medicine that treats ailments by administering diluted remedies in order to fight disease. Hydrotherapy Training and CareersThe therapeutic practice of hydrotherapy encompasses all the ways that water can be used internally and externally to maintain health and manage stress. Iridology Training, Classes and CertificationIridology practitioners see the eye's iris as a diagnostic tool that can be used to pinpoint areas of health or weakness within the body's systems. Naprapathic Medicine Training and CareersNaprapathic medicine is a holistic approach to wellness that focuses on connective tissue disorders, including muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Guided Imagery TrainingGuided imagery is not only used in managing pain and disease, it can also help patients overcome bad habits and improve their overall wellness. Becoming a Reiki PractitionerReiki is a Japanese healing art that focuses on harnessing the body's energy through the use of the healer's hands to promote healing. Music and Sound Healing TrainingThrough sound healing training courses, practitioners learn how to use toning, chanting or vibrations to stimulate self-healing in clients. Colonic Hydrotherapy Training and CareersThe therapeutic treatment known as colonic hydrotherapy has been practiced in some form for thousands of years. Chinese Medicine DegreeThe boundaries of Chinese medicine practice have expanded to incorporate one of our most pervasive health goals—to lose weight.
Ayurveda Schools and CareersAyurveda, or "the science of life" in Sanskrit, is a holistic system of medicine that originated in India thousands of years ago.
Aromatherapy Courses and CareersAromatherapy can either supplement another healing art, such as massage or reflexology, or can be practiced on its own.
Animal Physical Therapy Schools and TrainingMany animal owners are also turning to healing therapies that complement traditional veterinary medicine.

Alternative Medicine Practitioner SalaryFind out how much you can earn in the alternative medicine field and what your job prospects look like. Alternative Medicine Programs and Careers Q&AClear up misconceptions about alternative medicine careers, degrees and more with answers to these common questions.
Alternative Medicine: Getting Started GuideIt's not uncommon for conventional doctors to recommend alternative treatment to compliment western methods.
Program outcomes vary according to each institution's specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed.

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