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Our philosophy of medicine recognizes that the body has the unique capability of inherently self-healing. The healing power of nature uses a combination of alternative medicines to help restore the equilibrium back to your body. On top of providing homeopathy and hormone therapy in Orlando, Florida to our clients, we offer a wide variety of alternative services.
Two of the alternative medicines we use in our facility are homeopathy and hormone therapy.

This phrase encompasses the guiding principle of holistic medicine that the body is self-healing. Plants are commonly used to create the natural medicines for homeopathy, but minerals and other substances are also incorporated. Mueller was introduced to what was then referred to as complementary and alternative medicine. He is a regular attendee at conferences sponsored by both A4M (The American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine) and ACAM, The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), two of the most highly respected, integrative educational institutions in the United States.

Instead of using pharmaceutical medicines to heal the body, we believe that the body can heal itself by helping it return to equilibrium. Mueller focused on advancing this very exciting, emerging area of health care now known as integrative medicine, which included participating in a number of research trials, some of which Dr.

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