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The medical term for heavy bleeding that occurs when a woman is menstruating is Menorrhagia.
Parsley is an herb that is used for garnishing various dishes especially non-vegetarian ones.
The bleeding lasts for more than five days which often causes weakness and anemia in the woman. In such cases the heavy and prolonged bleeding should not be ignored or it can become life threatening.There are natural ways of treating Menorrhagia using effective herbal and home remedies.

This is one reason papaya is not recommended for consumption during first trimester of pregnancy as it can trigger a miscarriage. The fruit has an extremely tangy taste so you could also prepare amla juice and drink one glass of the juice every day to prevent and treat Menorrhagia. However, raw papayas are excellent remedy for Menorrhagia as they help in easier uterine contractions. The treatment should be begun two days before the date of your periods and should be continued with for the first three days of the menstrual cycle.

Sufficient quantity of iron in the body helps the body replace the lost blood quicker and also prevents anemia as a result of Menorrhagia. Start with the rosehip herbal tea treatment three days prior to your periods and continue drinking two cups daily for as long as the periods last.

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