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This disease of the adrenal glands of dogs (it’s very rare in cats) involves inadequate hormone levels of cortisol (cortisone) and electrolytes (sodium and potassium). We have an interesting page on adrenal disease in ferrets, which causes different symptoms than in dogs and cats. This negative feedback mechanism is a highly profound adaptation to evolutionary pressures, and is the basis for our survival as a species.
For such a small set of organs it is apparent that the paired adrenal glands have a very important role in normal health. When the disease affects the part of the adrenals that secrete cortisol (the zona fasiculata) a vast array of different symptoms can occur. When the disease affects the part of the adrenals that secrete aldosterone (the zona glomerulosa) then electrolytes like sodium (Na) and Potassium (K) are affected.
This classic form of the disease is due to a lack of both mineralcorticoids and glucocorticoids. Just like the symptoms above, the physical exam of a dog with this disease can be quite variable. X-rays might be helpful in diagnosis, although they are not the primary way this disease is diagnosed. This heart is small, typical of dehydration due to Addison’s, along with other diseases.
Ultrasonography would usually show small adrenal glands, although a dog can have Addison’s and have normal adrenal glands on ultrasound. Blood work ( chemistry and complete blood count) is a crucial component for detection of this disease.

An occasional dog will be presented with symptoms consistent with Addison’s, including abnormal sodium and potassium levels. Buddy comes in every 25 days on the dot, and after his pinprick injection (we use a 25 gauge needle so it is jut a pinprick) he is good to go for another 25 days.
This is a hormone disease, which means it is part of a highly tuned and refined mechanism that is in constant state of change. You can read a more complete article on how veterinarians approach an Addison's diagnosis here. A recent study found that dogs with Addison's disease tended to have high-end lymphocyte counts along with abnormally low sodium:potassium ratios (less than 27). This unusual disease can show a vast array of different symptoms, and sometimes these symptoms mimic other diseases.
This means it takes amino acids from the skeletal muscles and, and with help from the liver, converts them to glycogen, the storage form of glucose.
If the ratio is less than 27:1, and the history and symptoms are consistent with this disease, then a high index of suspicion is appropriate.
They are all different, a testimony to how variable this disease can appear on a blood panel.
This can be very confusing when a patient has symptoms that suggest Addison’s disease. Any pet with chronic Addison’s needs to have this dose increased when there is a stress like fireworks, going to the groomer or veterinarian, or anything in general that causes extra stress. For the majority of dogs there are no side effects, and the drug is mandatory for treatment of this disease. This does not apply to stressful situations, and additional medication in the form of prednisone tablets is always needed.

It regarded the possible beneficial effects of licorice in pets that suffer from Addison's disease. What makes this atypical is that fact that many dogs might change to primary during the course of the disease.
When coupled with the wide variety of symptoms, that wax and wane, a diagnosis of this disease is not black and white. The symptoms of the disease, and their potentially life threatening nature, far outweigh side effects when used under our supervision. These dogs are leading a normal life, and you would have no idea they have a serious hormone disease when you see their owners bring them into our hospital or take them for a walk. When pre-test cortisol levels are consistently low, and post test levels rise dramatically, secondary Addison's disease needs to be considered. You may not use, distribute, or reproduce anything from this website for any commercial purpose whatsoever. Neither of these are diagnostic of Addison’s by themselves since numerous other diseases can cause these symptoms.
All of this has the effect of bringing the brain and skeletal muscles extra glucose and oxygen, and accounts for the extra boost of awareness and energy we all feel at this time. All reproductions of copyrighted material on this site are solely for pet owner non-commercial educational online viewing.

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