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In the present era, allopathy or western medicine is the only system of medicine that is referred to by the traditional medical practice, but there are other systems that are followed as well. Many of the alternative medicines are systems that were developed even before traditional medicine came into existence.
Herbal Medicine: In this treatment, herbs in various forms like decoction, extracts, pills, powders, tinctures, or in whole are administered. This category of alternative medicine emphasizes on principles of mental and physical health, which are essential for wellness. This category of alternative medicine on tapping the energy fields located around and in the human body.
Wellness Guide by Dr Prem Comprehensive Wellness Guide Book including – how to, tips, tricks, information, manual, reference and instructions about wellness, therapy, alternative medicine, integrative medicine and wellness tourism. In other words, we can say that alternative medicine is an alternative approach that improves health of an individual by treating physical or psychological ailments. Ayurveda, acupuncture, Unani, Sidh medicine, Iranian medicine, Islamic medicine, traditional Vietnamese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Korean medicine, and traditional African medicine are other parts of alternative treatment or traditional medicines. Alternative medicines are considered as the best method to for treatment as they provide a cheap yet effective way to treat various mental and physical diseases. Alternative medicines are considered as best pain reliefs this is the reason that most of the people prefer alternative medicines for their treatment. These medicines have fewer or no side effects and able to treat almost all types of ailments.
Alternative treatment combines alternative medicines and therapies together and helps to treat various cancers.
Alternative medicines are able to treat various mental and psychological ailments like migraine, headache, stress, depression, and related problems.
There are many people who cannot afford expensive medical treatments and alternative medicines are an opportunity for them. Standard medical care is medicine that is practiced by health professionals who hold an M.D.

Complementary medicine is treatments that are used along with standard medical treatments but are not considered to be standard treatments. Integrative medicine is a total approach to medical care that combines standard medicine with the CAM practices that have shown to be safe and effective. Cancer patients who are using or considering using complementary or alternative therapy should talk with their doctor or nurse. Ancient systems like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine were brought forth in the eastern culture, while systems such as homeopathy and naturopathy are rooted in western culture. In the most typical technique, metallic hair-thin needles are inserted into strategic locations on the body.
In this alternative medicine treatment, minute doses of substances are used to invoke the body’s self-healing ability. The natural elements, like food, herbs, minerals and vitamins, are used in this type of therapies for general good health or treatment.
Nevertheless, the concept alternative health has gained a lot of popularity since these methods, and techniques have proven beneficial and effective time and time again. Alternative medicines are becoming very popular these days, as they do not have side effects. Alternative medicine provides them an opportunity to get the benefits of traditional medicines and therapies in order to make their life healthier. It similarly involves people getting out of their comfort zones to avail alternative medicines and therapies.
It also involves ancient healing systems like Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and Thai medicines. People are increasingly attracted towards alternative medicine therapies, and are crossing international boundaries to avail the benefits of traditional medicine. These medicines are best to treat problems like backache, neck pain, joints pain, and other aches.
Alternative medicines and treatments based on herbs that are easily available in the nature.

Some study the effects of complementary approaches used in addition to conventional treatments, and some compare alternative therapies with conventional treatments.
These include acupuncture, ayurveda, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, etc. Ayurveda is rooted in India, comprising of different modes of treatment, like diet, herbal remedies, internal cleansing, massage and yoga. Every year, millions of people travel to countries like India, China, Thailand, and Singapore in order to avail alternative treatment for different types of ailments. Alternative medicines are renowned to treat almost all types of physical and mental ailments.
Homeopathy and chiropractic are parts of alternative treatments that came into existence during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Some people may allergic to some composition of medicines and this may create some medical problems but they are curative or can be treated in no time. White, OCCAM Director, explains the use of complementary and alternative medicine in cancer. When these alternative medical sciences are used along with traditional medical treatments, they are referred to as complementary medicine. It covers almost all types of healthcare practices that use different and effective healing methods. Alternative treatment involves variety of therapies and treatment methods that help to treat serious ailments. Alternative Medicine includes practices and treatments entirely based on beliefs, assumptions, and experiences of different cultures and religions.
Standard medicine may also be called biomedicine or allopathic, Western, mainstream, orthodox, or regular medicine.

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