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This discipline offers many natural health careers, treatments and health care practices that are beginning to be recognized in the medical community as natural healing arts that promote wellness through disease prevention.
It is exciting to note the increasing acceptance and visibility of alternative, natural health and complementary forms of healing—especially in specialty areas like chiropractic, acupuncture and herbal therapy that are less known by the general public.
A report developed by the Institute for Alternative Futures noted that today, complementary and alternative approaches to health and medicine are among the fastest growing aspects of health care and natural health careers.
Natural health degree schools and practitioners also promote research to validate and further their professions (for example, some natural healing arts schools now have their own research departments). Collaborative healing arts centers and integrative medicine clinics are opening up across the U.S.
Moreover, patient demand for health insurance coverage for natural therapies is increasing as people want improved access to alternative therapies. Many natural healing modalities focus on treating the root cause of a patient’s symptoms, as opposed to the symptoms themselves. Many natural health career healing modalities incorporate more contact time per patient than the Western medical model. Some students of the healing arts find themselves in private practice or in practitioner groups after several months of schooling, while other natural health careers require three to five years of preparation and training.
Overall, practitioners trained in the natural healing arts are experiencing tremendous career opportunities in a climate of support, growth, collaboration and integration. Aloe Vera: The Ultimate GuideOften extolled for its soothing qualities, aloe vera is most commonly used as a topical ointment for burns, sun damage and skin abrasions, but this ancient plant may offer deeper healing abilities when taken orally. Holistic Medicine Schools: What You Need to KnowHolistic healing methods may be steeped in ancient tradition, but natural health degree programs have only become prevalent in the last few decades. Holistic Health: Getting Started GuideHolistic medicine encompasses many methods but all focus on healing the mind and body together.
Holistic Health School in San Diego CountyPhysical health is linked to mental and spiritual health and has found a place in mainstream health care. Holistic Nursing Schools and CareersHolistic nurses see the healing of the whole person as their goal, and they draw on a variety of therapies to broaden their scope of practice.
Online Holistic Health Nursing DegreesIf a holistic nursing career is in your future, but you already have a full schedule, consider earning your degree online.
Discover Holistic Health Schools in ColoradoTaking care of the whole person—body, mind and spirit—sounds good to most of us. Holistic Health Practitioner Certification and CareersHolistic health practitioners offer an increasingly respected alternative that emphasizes total wellness of mind, body, emotions and spirit. A History of Holistic HealthHolistic health practitioners believe that healing is most effective when you consider the whole person, rather than focusing on specific body parts. Holistic Health EducationWhen you decide to become a holistic health practitioner, you get to choose exactly what kind of healer you want to be. Holistic Health Practitioner SalaryThe opportunity to enjoy a satisfying career in holistic health looks brighter with each passing year.

Holistic Health Career OutlookToday's holistic health practitioners follow in the footsteps of compassionate ancient healers and are in greater demand than ever before. Holistic Health Career and School GuideToday is a great time to become a holistic health practitioner because of the demand for qualified holistic health professionals. Five Reasons to Get a Natural Health DegreeBody, mind and spirit—alternative medicine professionals view all three aspects as vital to our health.
Many, perhaps most, Americans became accustomed to considering the medical establishment to be in charge of their health. Many of the alternative systems, such as traditional Oriental medicine, had histories that dated back hundreds of years. Alternative health care systems were able to help precisely because they were very different from modern medicine.
Because alternative systems helped fill the gaps left by the failures of conventional medicine, the public interest in alternative health care grew rapidly. The most recent term used to describe the interrelationship between alternative and conventional medicine is integrative medicine. Whether they called it alternative, complementary, or integrative, patients and health care providers are turning in increasing numbers to these health care approaches.
The high costs of specialization and mechanization have driven the cost of health care ever higher. Prompted by the immense public interest and the skyrocketing cost of health care, the government created the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) in 1991.
Alternative health care (also called alternative medicine) plays an increasingly important role both in stirring the conflict and in contributing to potential solutions. It is the result of a combination of factors: the successes and failures of modern medicine and the American public’s acceptance of outside control of their health. They turned to practitioners of systems of health care that were not part of the mainstream medical establishment. Some conventional doctors also became interested and began to incorporate alternative therapies into their own practices. Doctors and hospitals frequently used the term to reflect the fact that they used an alternative treatment not as an alternate to conventional treatment, but rather in addition to it. Health care providers want to help people get well, and people who are ill want to get better, so the health care crisis is, indeed, a crisis for both health care providers and for individuals. With its client-centered, whole-person approach, alternative health care bridges the gap between health care professionals and clients and establishes a sense of partnership.
Alternative systems focus on prevention, wellness, and natural remedies, all of which are less expensive than mechanized, high-tech, chemical strategies.
Many modalities are unique in that they assist the body in healing itself by jump-starting the body’s innate healing wisdom. A natural health practitioner may ask questions that delve into other aspects of the patient’s life beyond the physical symptoms.

With the increasing specialization and mechanization of health care, costs rose far beyond the means of the average individual. Over the years, a number of terms have developed to describe the relationships between conventional and alternative care. Alternative health care approaches offer many potential solutions to the health care crisis.
Its mission was to determine which alternative approaches were most effective and to distribute that information to the public.
This center has a much broader scope and more power to conduct research in the field of alternative health care than OAM did. Much of natural healing involves preventative measures as well, with the practitioner educating and treating people to prevent health problems from arising. Natural health is an area to watch as more healing modalities continue to emerge and become an integral part of how we heal ourselves. To a great extent, many individuals gave control of their health to the medical establishment. As a result of these characteristics, alternative therapies were also comparatively cost effective. Many of these practices and techniques draw on long-established, even ancient, traditions.The difference between complementary and alternativeAlthough the terms are often used in tandem or interchangeably, there is a difference.
These approaches to healing were seen as “alternative” to conventional medicine, that is, they were used in place of allopathic medicine. Individuals were unable to communicate meaningfully with their health care providers, and they felt cut off and frustrated. Many of these programs will qualify you to become a technologist, health assistant, aroma or other kind of therapist, aesthetician, herbalist and even writer in the field.n Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS) — Done full time, bachelor’s degrees are prescribed as four-year programs, but many people today cannot devote all their time to study and must take longer. In rarer cases, a bachelor’s degree is completed in less than four years.In addition to traditional courses — biology, chemistry, math, health systems and so forth — many schools now include courses in herbal remedies, nutrition science, traditional Chinese medicine and homeopathy. With your BA or BS, you can qualify for jobs such as holistic health practitioners, herbalists, naturopathic health practitioners, nutrition counselors, research assistants, program coordinators and writers.n Master’s degree (MA, MS) — Masters-level programs require at least a bachelor’s degree and develop advanced knowledge of a specific area of expertise. In addition to master’s degrees in any of the biological sciences or chemistry or other sciences, there are now Master of Sciences degrees specifically in CAM.Aside from jobs as listed above (with associate or bachelor’s degrees), holders of Master of Sciences degrees in CAM become health care educators and practice managers, as well as higher level and higher paid practitioners and therapists. They also find positions in regulatory, legal, and administrative affairs of integrative, complementary and alternative health care.n Doctorate degree (PhD, DAOM) — CAM doctorates include naturopathic doctor, doctor of chiropractic, doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine, doctor of nursing practice, doctor of osteopathic medicine and doctor of philosophy. The market for CAM — and across-the-board career opportunities along with it — will likely double in 7? years, a growth rate much faster than that of the U.S.

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