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Drugs don’t restore health or make you happy.At the Alternative Health Center of Grosse Pointe we restore true health using whole food nutrition and Chiropractic.
The truth is, the whole answer to becoming healthier is different for every body. But HOW and WHY our bodies heal and maintain great health is not different.
We help you with a variety of methods starting with education on what real health is and the root causes of illness.
Here at the Alternative Health Care Center we help your body heal itself, so you have the vitality and longevity you deserve.
We help people get healthy and stay healthy, we don’t treat symptoms. When your body is healthy the “symptoms” disappear.

Check out our site, give us a call, sign up for our newsletter and register for our next Truth About Health Nutritional Seminar.
We believe that if you eat Real Food and have a personalized Clinical Nutrition program your body can heal itself of most chronic health problems Americans suffer from. We like this one from the World Health Organization in 1948 much better - Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Add in regular chiropractic adjustments and you’ve got the complete recipe for health and longevity. We know those solutions start with education, nutrition and chiropractic care, not drugs and surgery.

If you’re in pain, whether its a little or lot, chronic or just started, you owe it to yourself to seek every alternative.

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