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Over 15 years of helping men with cholesterol, heart disease, weight gain, BPH, erectile weakness, prostate cancer, and more.
The Portland Clinic of Holistic Health has been providing natural integrated cancer treatment and support for over 15 years with a wide variety of cancer patients. Most of the world’s best cancer clinics use a therapy that I call the number one treatment in the world for cancer. Again and again, these doctors told us that one very special therapy was critical to the amazing success rate they’ve racked up against cancer. Ironically, it was a German-American doctor in Philadelphia who discovered that a fever can cure cancer.  He found out by pure chance more than 140 years ago! In short, American doctors who discourage these alternative treatments DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT! Many of the alternative doctors in our directory COMBINE the fever therapy with a powerful food extract. Conventional medicine has turned its back on life-saving alternatives because they pose a threat to the huge profits from chemotherapy drugs. That means medical students never even hear about a cancer treatment unless it comes from the drug companies. In fact, cancer doctors make far more money from selling cancer patients the drugs than they make from practicing medicine.
That’s why everyone in the cancer industry fights alternative treatments tooth and nail. It’s a shame, because those patients probably could have whipped their cancer for the price of a Honda. I sincerely believe the doctors in the Directory are THE best ones to go to if you or someone you love is suffering from cancer. Despite the ban, many patients right here in America beat cancer just by eating large amounts of certain foods that are rich in this substance.

Found in hundreds of foods, this natural food extract contains TWO chemicals that are toxic to cancer cells but harmless to healthy cells. Some doctors have been arrested, hauled into court, and even thrown in jail just for treating cancer patients with alternative therapies!
Sloan-Kettering scientists demonstrated in study after study that this natural food extract knocks out cancer. To reap the benefits of this space age therapy, a cancer patient just has to lie down on a special reclining chair, the doctor flips a switch, and after about 15 minutes of pure relaxation, it’s over. You’ll know what these clinics are like BEFORE you decide to trust them with your health or the health of someone you love.
Alicia got rid of her cancer with no disfiguring surgery and lived in good health for another 29 years!  And Red Buttons went on to become an advocate for health freedom in America. 58 out of 79 of these cancer doctors said they would NOT permit chemotherapy for themselves or members of their families!!
And just in case you think this poll was a fluke, the Los Angeles Times asked cancer doctors the same questions and got the same result!  75 percent of these doctors told the LA Times pollster that chemotherapy and radiation are unacceptable to themselves and their families.
Study after study shows that patients who don’t accept chemo LIVE LONGER than those who do, for most types of cancer. Imagine getting rid of cancer in three to six weeks in a hospital that seems more like a spa resort. Like the other superstar cancer doctors in The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics, Dr. An organic eating plan to give the body the nutrition it needs, WITHOUT the toxic pesticides and herbicides that are a major cause of cancer.
Click here to order your personal copy of The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics plus 10 FREE GIFTS.
Free Gift #2 reveals a food that can prevent up to 99.4 percent of cancer tumors all by itself, according to Japanese scientists.

A breast cancer patient who was comatose started receiving 10 grams per day of this mineral by a feeding tube and walked out of the hospital five days later!
This priceless collection of tips and secrets will make you the smartest cancer expert in your neighborhood!
So naturally we have a great deal of experience with IBS, constipation, diarrhea, Chrons Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Stomach Ulcers, colon cancer, and more.
We us anti-cancer botanical agents, injectable therapies such as Iscador (the most well studied natural therapy against cancer), intravenous vitamin C a natural chemotherapeutic agents, special bio-thermal therapies and more. My investigative team visited their clinics, interviewed them, and verified their incredible progress in beating cancer. These companies have corrupted the medical profession to the point where the things you’re being told about cancer have no connection to reality. The Directory of the World’s Greatest Alternative Cancer Clinics will explain how to get your treatment covered. Rashid Buttar, author of The 9 Steps to Keep the Doctor Away, “Ty Bollinger's book, Cancer-Step Outside the Box, is an extraordinarily thorough and courageously well written book, brought to fruition by the dedication of a son for his departed parents.
These clinics have great success with brain cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic and liver cancers, leukemia, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, bladder cancer and breast cancer. Ewan Cameron, found that patients treated with intravenous vitamin C lived three to four times longer than cancer patients who did not receive vitamin C.
It is because of their high success rate that so many patients choose a combination of both conventional treatment and alternative cancer care.

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