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Researchers have found that babies held and touched more often become less aggressive and clingy and more confident as they grow up. If touch by itself can modify emotions and physical reactions, it’s no wonder that a one-to-one massage for 30 minutes plus can have some amazing effects.
Therapeutic Touch is based on the idea that human beings are energy in the form of a field.
A Therapeutic Touch treatment is a process that is always individualized and usually does not exceed 20 minutes in length.

Therapeutic Touch,™ a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices, is a consciously directed process of energy exchange during which Practitioners use their hands as a focus for facilitating healing. Therapeutic Touch practitioners are educated to modify a person’s energy field when disease or illness obstructs or depletes their flow of energy. Now, with a base of solid and continuing research, Therapeutic Touch™ is being taught and practiced throughout the world.
Based on the belief that the body can heal itself, Therapeutic Touch is a method of helping a person to mobilize their own natural healing abilities.

One experiment in particular was in a library, in which people rated their time as more enjoyable when “accidentally” touched by someone passing, showing the huge subconscious effect that human physical contact can have.
The human energy field extends beyond the level of the skin, and the Therapeutic Touch practitioner attunes him or herself to that energy using the hands as sensors.

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