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When I decided to write this post I many pictures of the bottoms of dishes to try to get photos of the markings.
I find that Pyrex tends to be a little thicker, more opaque, and curvier than most other milk glass.
It can be easy to confuse Federal Glass and Fire King because the Federal Glass marking is an F inside a shield. Some patterns are shared by both companies, which makes it even more confusing.
Some Hazel Atlas pieces are marked with an H over an A (many are unmarked), which can be confused for older Anchor Hocking pieces. The more you visit antique shops and markets, the more you’ll see and get used to the differences among milk glass brands.
1930s - 40s vintage Glasbake kitchen glass beater jar, with graduated measure up to three cups, marked 34-113-A. Vintage Glasbake Currier and Ives pattern baking dish or casserole, never used, still has the paper label inside.

Some of the shapes and patterns are the same as American made Pyrex (we touched on this a bit in our Snowflake Pyrex post), although some of the dish shapes and handle shapes are different. It is pretty easy to mix up Fire King and Pyrex because a lot of the shapes are similar, but there are subtle differences. Glasbake is usually marked with the name spelled out, but there are several unmarked dishes. If you still aren’t sure when a piece is unmarked, there are lots of great groups online where other collectors can help identify a piece for you. Along with shop updates, we blog tips, tricks, fun facts, history of our favourite items, and even some DIY projects. It’s easiest when pieces are marked on the bottom (although thrift stores love to put their price tags right over the markings), but there are a lot of unmarked pieces floating around.
Fire King pieces are often more angled than Pyrex (but not always), and the handles are shaped differently.

I decided the best way to show them was to trace over the stamp in Paint. Not a great solution since I cannot draw a straight line to save my life.
The stamp has changed some over time and there are a few very early unmarked primary colour bowls, but the above stamp is a good example of what you will see on the bottom of a Pyrex dish.
Hazel Atlas also has a set of dot bowls (unmarked), which are similar in style to the Federal Glass dot bowls. I also drew the stamps I did not have photographs of.  Hopefully you can still get a good idea from my terrible drawings!

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