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Reverse Image Search lets you perform search using an Image instead of text and is an important tool to find copies of your photos on the world wide web. Sometimes  people may use your images on their and forget to credit you. Google has simplified the process of Reverse Image Search  , You can easily search google using an image instead of Text. 3.) Now you can drag and drop the image into the box,  click and upload the image or simply paste the image url. Apart from Google, You can also use TinyEye Reverse Search Engine  for reverse image lookup. In this example, we’re using an image by PhotoShelter member and concert photographer Todd Owyoung that he gave us permission to use in our post 14 Respected Photographers’ Plans to Jumpstart Their Photography Business in 2013. Once you’ve uploaded your photo or pasted your image URL into Google Image search, it will return a page that includes a collage of visually similar images, which might resemble yours but not be exact copies, and a list of webpages that contain matching images. Google has a nice advanced image search page that lets you search by image size, file type, colors, region, and more. I’m going to give this a try by using Google Analytics to find which of my images have been looked at in order to find out which ones I need to check for improper use.
A photographer friend gave me a handy tip: Use Stolen Camera Finder to search images by camera serial number. As far as worrying about Google now having a copy of your image, I’ve only ever fed it tiny thumbnails, 120px wide, and it nails it perfectly every time.

That Google Image Search provides the best way to find infringed images is ironic considering the fact that Google searches make our images instantly available without requiring a visit to the website it’s hosted on. Using Google to do a reverse image search is one of the easiest ways to find unauthorized copies of your photos online.
Once you go through these initial search results, you’ll want to try employing some advanced search techniques to help find any images that Google might have overlooked. Smaller sizes means that Google has to work harder to infer things like specific colors and patterns. There aren’t enough hours in the day to do the searches, even without doing any of the other important things in business, including creating new images.
Because of the Image Theft Guard on every PhotoShelter members’ websites, you actually have to grab the image link from the Image Browser, and search for that. If a person is stealing your imagery for their use, then by definition that photo has an intrinsic value.
Camera and copyright metadata is easily bypassed by people determined to use an image, simply by opening up a copyrighted image in Photoshop, copying it, and pasting the image into a new document. The service has been around for a while, and is traditionally meant for people looking to find specific images online. Try creating these variations on your own and then doing a reverse image search to see if someone is using a Photoshopped version of your work.

To learn more about copyright law and protecting your images, see our free resource The Photographer’s Guide to Copyright. As far as checking thousands of images, I’ve just intuitively checked the ones that I know are very popular and have already been published fairly widely. Google Reverse Image Search works very well – I use it frequently as I am a victim of copyright infringement.
Tin Eye has never turned up a single location of my stolen photo in spite of the fact that the image has been used hundreds of times and in many countries. I found this tool still useful as the results I found were useful.#5 Multi service image searchThis one is again a basic image search engine but you can use it to find different but similar looking images in comparison to the image you got with yourself. In this case you can search similar images on the web like your using the Reverse Image Search engines.

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