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Available as of this morning in the iTunes Store is the brand new mobile application for finding businesses and people with some cool new features, such as auto category selection, map based viewing of results, more added content and a completely brand new user interface.
Released over this past weekend was a very cool blackberry application from Yellow Pages Group. This application features the leading directory services in Canada, YellowPages – for finding a business, Canada411 for finding a person, and a blended Reverse Lookup for finding both people and businesses.
Application is completely free to download and overall is pretty cool and puts the most up to date Business and People information in Canada at your fingertips. The last week in Canada has been one heck of a political ride with the economic update leading to a coalition opposition looking to take power from the reigning Conservative government. Got me wondering, with these 5 political leaders in a history making battle, what would Canada’s leading directories tell us about these political leaders and their names.
Harper in Canada – 3150 results with the most coming from Harper in Ontario (1505) followed by Harper in British Columbia (476). Dion in Canada – 13,042 results with the most coming from Dion in Quebec (10,979) followed by Dion in Ontario (1065). Layton in Canada – 395 results with the most coming from Layton in Ontario (134) followed by Layton in Alberta (105).

Duceppe in Canada – 100 results with the coming from for Duceppe in Quebec (99) followed by Duceppe in Alberta (1). May in Canada – 12,260 results with the most coming from May in Ontario (5017) followed by May in Quebec (2481).
Harper in Canada – 156 results with the most common business heading being Engines-Diesel (12) and Lawyers (12) followed by General Contractors (6). Dion in Canada – 436 results with the most common business heading being Dentists (22) followed by Auto Repair Garages (21). Layton in Canada – 37 results with the most common business heading being Dentists (5) followed by Lawyers (3) and Roofing Contractors (3). Duceppe in Canada – 6 results with the most common business heading being Theaters (3) followed by Lawyers (2). May in Canada – 1734 results with the most common business heading being Lawyers (54) followed by Restaurants (50). So there you have it, the 5 political leaders in Canada looked at from the view of Canada’s directories.
Ever wonder what are the most common names and Canada and how many people are listed in the White Pages in Canada who match those surnames.

This list of top 20 common Canadian surnames was pulled from Wikipedia and in the order listed there.
New for 2013, I thought I would expand the above list to see where those top 20 surnames rank in terms of some of Canada’s top cities. A versatile program for any website that has local traffic in Canada and definitely one program to look for.
Just like your white pages, this application allow you to search for any person in Canada, coast to coast. We are one of Canada's leading digital performance companies.Prior to Mediative, I was the go to guy at YPG for building partnerships. I get to lead one of Canada's most exciting digital performance firms in Mediative and my shareholder is one of Canada's largest startups, yes I said it; YPG is a 100-year old start-up and we are just beginning.

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